cryo cold, propane mix, fresh trim, still black. is it the machined trim?

hey guys. so i just did a run. been doing runs all week and getting gold. did a run today and came our black as fuck. im running below zero, im freezing my matrial in the column for minimum 12 hours. its out of the freezer maybe 5 minutes before being blasted with cryo cold iso N butane and propane. fast blast no soak n2 assisted. the trim was kinda dark but had a real good nose on it. im certain it comes from a trim machine from an indoor grow. could that be the issue?

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The answer is yes.

Some machine lube can contaminate, mainly it destroys the heads and makes it oxidize at a significant rate.


man, what a drag. smelled really good… im considering crc but ive never done it and im kind of sketch. seems easy to do incorrectly.

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That and the machine trim breaks up more chlorophyll in the process. Gotta crc the machine trim. Throw b80 at it. Very easy


b80. cool. will look into that. if you care to elaborate id certainly appreciate it. i have a crc filter stack. its got some hard filter material, feels like some sort of stone or rough metal surface instead of the drain holes typical of a filter stack. not sure how to use it. will contact oss tomorrow and ask them. ive been weary of doing crc but there is a lot of machine trim around. my capacity is small. i wonder if its even worth it or if i should just find better mateial…

It’s worth it for sure, give it a shot and report back!

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What you have is called a sintered filter. Make sure you pressure test before using. Read about there’s blowing out a few times now


Could just be cured material. :man_shrugging:

Scrub it.
Make bands. :dollar:

Black extract could be from cured material??? Um, no…

Not when running cryo cold


i think thats the plan for sure.

ok cool. thank you for identifying that potential pit fall. that would be the last thing i need. lol

what does that mean? when you say scrub it are you saying crc it? make bands? what are those?

i agree. ive been pulling gold off old shit thats been in my garage for months. the stuff i just ran was harvested the end of february. not very old

is everyone on the same page with b80? thats the best choice here? what should i expect using it? lower yields? effected terps?what bad comes with this good?

Best choice is fairly subjective honestly. In my opinion it’s the best choice because you only need one powder and it will clean it up very well. The cost of B80 is very low too which makes it desirable.

I’d say it’s well worth it regardless of system size. I run a smaller system, only running around 100g at a time. I use a secondary 1.5"x6" spool to load my B80 into, then have a 3" hemi reducer going from 1.5 to 3", a 3" 5 micron welded sintered disc, then another 3" hemi reducer to go back down to 1.5" on my collection. I also run a combination of felt and paper filters before and after the powders and before the sintered disc.

B80 usually comes with some moisture in it, so baking it beforehand is a night and day difference in your end result. If I don’t bake mine, it comes out yellow. If I do bake it, it comes out almost clear with a faint tint of yellow. It doesn’t affect my yield either which is nice.

Running with N-butane, I generally only need around 30-50psi of N2 to push through. 50 is rare, I’m usually in the 30 range.


good to know. thanks for that info. sounds like extra precautions to keep the b80 are a good idea.
does it make any sense to put a 3 micron filter directly on top of the sintered filter? if i recall correctly the sintered filter chamber i have has a nice clean ring around it so i can set my filter rings. my plan was to basically keep the sintered filter clean with 3 micron above it. load b80 on the 3 micron paper then put another 25 micron filter paper above the b80 with a ring to keep in place. do you think thats enough? it sounds like you have another filter below the sintered filter as well. i will need more rings, and an extra clamp i think to pull this off.

yeah if you have a smaller micron filter above the disc, it will help keep it clean much longer.

My setup is usually like this

Material column (~100g)
50 micron mesh gasket filter
5 micron felt roll (1" deep)
B80 (~40-50g)
5 micron felt roll (1" deep)
2 medium filter papers inside a small filter stack (only use 2 so my retaining rings fit tightly)
1 slow filter paper sitting right on top of the sintered disc
sintered disc

If you have any extra room in your material column you can always load the B80 in there first, then the material on top and avoid needing more clamps

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thank you guys for all the info. im grabbing a bag of b80 and will keep yall posted!
really apprecitate all the info you guys shared. i had a bad day with this black goo man. i had me down in the dumps. nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Buy the b80 from ebay.

You can buy large bags for cheap


yeah 500g will give you quite a few runs, at least enough to tell you if you want to continue using it or not.

If you want to save a few bucks, I’d get the B80 from @Killa12345. It’s way cheaper and you’ll get it much faster

this thread has a ton of R&D and will keep you busy for a few weeks Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.

your first run will turn that around completely! I was blown away by the results and now I use it every time on good material.


you always use b80? even on hand trimmed good biomass?

that link saved me a bunch of cash. like 50%. thank you

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before i go loading up my crc with b80 and doing a run, is there anything i need to know that im missing?
can i still run the same as i always have? n tane, iso, propane cryo cold. frozen material column. n2 assist.
i understand a pressure test is imperative when using the crc from oss, and im sure just as a normal practice. if there is something im missing please let me know. thank you