Crude Oil high in CBDV / CBDA

We have just extracted CBD crude that has a good percentage of CBDVa. Please take a look at the COA. CO2 extracted from organic grown material.

Please DM or email to for more info.
166-MBAF0324MXB PSI Potency high CBDVa.pdf (215.7 KB)

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I don’t understand the calculation from the breakdown of each cannabinoid
seems low cbdv to me

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Looks very confusing, but if you look on the right in the notes it explains there were other compounds not included in the panel like CBDVa, which was at 22.47%.


You are correct. This lab puts the CBDV, CBDC, and some other cannabinoids in the notes section.

why is it in notes???
why the left border line is missing?
something not logic
can someone compare similar tests from this lab?

I am sorry but lately the craziness of selling product just with a COA and getting fuked is happening too much


Here is another from the same lab on a different sample we had sent recently for comparison.
160-SF-0223HH PSI Potency Singer Hawaiian Haze.pdf (348.4 KB)

here the line is clear


There might be ways to detect if/when a pdf was edited? I got lucky once on here with a sloppy edited COA someone DMd me, unedited it, sent it back, and a funny conversation ensued. Retesting is always a good call either way


if you produce oil and make a COA at a lab x and want to sell your product, client should be able to talk with that lab x to verify data

I saw kc labs COA printed without the background blueprint and many other, I mean people think they buy bonds from j Morgan