Crude-$275 (66.39%) Full Spectrum-$950 (85.89%) TFree-$1,650 (87.84%)

Hey everyone,

We are located out of NC and offer retail and wholesale products. We ship anywhere using USPS (We will provide tracking numbers). We do not require a minimum order so if you would like a small order to sample that is fine. We source all of our organic biomass from a partner farm in NC; if you would like the COA on our biomass please ask.

I have attached a review on us from a previous customer on future4200.

I have also attached our COA’s

Winterized Crude $275/kilo. 66.39%
Brushy_Bee_Crude_COA_Batch001_Full Panel.pdf (322.4 KB)

Full Spectrum $950/kilo. 85.89%
Brushy_Bee_Distillate_COA_Batch001_Full Panel.pdf (321.9 KB)

THC Free Distillate $1,650/kilo. 87.84%
Brushy_Bee_TF_Distillate_COA_FULL_.pdf (326.0 KB)

*Prices are flexible for contracts

We do also offer retail products on our website
Our retail products are also at a great price! For bulk retail orders please email me.

If you have any other questions please send me an email/message/text/call.

Will Doria
Director of Sales


do you accept bitcoin as payment?

Hey elshark7,

We do accept bitcoin!

(919) 381-2489

Let us know if you need anything else or have any other questions.

Director of Sales
(919) 381-2489

If anyone needs a sample of our crude, full spectrum, or t-free please send me an email.


Director of Sales
(919) 381-2489

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Received my order yesterday. Everything was as promised. Communication was fantastic. Will do business again!

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Glad to hear it!

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order received today on a single kilo of distillate

amazing shipping speed, great communication.

overall i have been very impressed with how @Smploil does business. They have shown great care in packaging, communication and they don’t seem to backburner small orders

and it dabs pretty smooth

edit: packaging problems. Lid liner ink contaminated the kilo

the packaging is literally the only issue ive had

edit 2: they have addressed the issue super fast and are sending a replacement.

edit 3: owner of the company called me to apologize about the issue and assurd it wouldn’t happen again. i don’t even care about having to replace a kilo for packaging issues. I can chalk that up to being a newer operation with likely inexperienced help. These guys are definitely all about great customer service


replacement has already arrived. This time in a glass media bottle. I have 0 complaints, they were amazingly quick to fix the issue

What did you give for it?

the price quoted in OP

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It crystallize?

of course. Its above 60%

If you are looking for stuff for carts contact them about remediated mother liquor. They may be able to sell you some. It’s what i use for carts

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