smpl crude, a review

recently I purchased a single kilo from them, mainly to test out their service and products before i commited to more.

First off, lets talk communication. Some of you are aware that i get really pissed off easily when people have my money and don’t communicate. Smpl communcated perfectly. Told me when to expect my product, and i received it when it was promised. I greatly appreciated not being backburnered because my order was small, that means a lot to a small shop. We cannot and never will able to order large.

Packaging was 10/10 as well. They used a media bottle.

Color was darn good. No apparent chlorophyll.

overall, @Smploil so far has been one of the most professional vendors i have dealt with on this site.

They did what they said they were gonna do, quickly and without excuses.


always nice to hear a good story here especially when one has given a bad review. sounds like a great experience


Yeah I will complain about lack of communication and slow shipping before anything else. I am not playing with my money, I just manage the retail shop here, and since I started here I have built out our small lab. Getting screwed on a little order can hurt us badly