Crc tech (media bros) and Kief

What’s up guys?

So we’ve been running CRC since the start of its “discovery” and application for cannabis, like most here. We have had great success with all of the different powders and media in diff ratios, styles, 4inch column cr, 3inch column cr, 4inch filter plate stack cr, etc etc also had fair share of learning curve with all of those, pros and cons to each obv, and everyone gonna have their preferences.

After recently running the crx and cry materials I’m honestly sold on them. Ease of use and result is saving time, materials (filter papers, sintered disks, cleaning of sintered disks, electricity, etc), and I’m using less solvent per run (no wetting bed, etc) no baking powders, the whole 9, including final result of the extract is equal if not better than all prior crcs prior. I can’t fathom crx clogging, ever. It’s equally cost effective if not better than the rest as well.

Prior to playing with the c r x + c r y media from media Bros, I’d say my personal favorite would be a b80, silica, and t41/t5 blend. I wouldn’t dare run kief in that setup, for the most part. Followed by just a b80 crc as secondmost favorite.

 I should mention that I live in a humid environment so my powders tend to stay clogging etc if I don't bake (more time n $$)

With all of that being said, let’s get to the point of the thread.

This weeks upcoming workload, combined with the ease of use and flow rate of the CRX and cry media got me thinking about simplifying/condensing workload further. I was thinking of sifting the material to be processed (for shatter or crumble) with dry ice or bags. Collecting the pollen, and then running that blended in column with crx media.
Typically, in my experience, running just kief material, either with crc, or without it would cause flow issues for us, unless we just added it to material columns (w trim) over the course of the day to “boost” yields of the trim material, while getting thru all material, both trim and kief.

What I’m asking/looking for opinions or experience on, is running crc (specifically media Bros crx/cry blended with kief inside the column as a run) vs running the material how it is in the column.

My logic is that this would save a whole lot of time and runs, and also could fix the “issue” of too fast flow for this media that some seem to dislike on here (cannot. Imagine. Why. Literally.) ??? Throttle your inlet. Stop nitro pushing from the tank. Stop using nitrogen at all ( I legit don’t really see a need for it anymore ). Use more media. Soak your material. Literally endless options to avoid that “complaint”, but I guess everyone has their preferences and learned the first way we all did and are now set in their ways. I’m always rdy to evolve. I think crx is what we needed all along, completely, honestly. Until the next best thing comes along, IF/WHEN.

Example: So say you normally run 4x48 (holding 4lb) columns back to back to back all day quick swapping. Instead, Kief 16lbs of material at a time w dry ice/screen/etc. Mix/blend the pollen with the crx media inside a 4x48 or probably much less (4x24/ whatever, depending on quality of starting mats, and level of color remediation u want ) and leave a layer, or a filter plate with a layer at the bottom (say bottom 2 to 4 inches, all crx media) and then run it
4 runs done in 1 (or more if applicable)

Has anyone tried this???
Yield loss cuz of terps, other compounds not retrieved off the dry ice sift/ solvent contact time with more plant material?

I really don’t see it not working, i feel like its gonna work better than a normal kief run I’m just wondering if it would yield the same, as long as u Kiefed it fully??

Essentially just condensing column runs 4 to 1 (or greater potentially?) By sifting material for polllen w dry ice, and blending with cr media instead of running 4lb columns of material, 1 at a time, thru their own crc…


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Why use a column?

Just dump a fuck ton of kief and crc into a collection chamber/reactor and flood it and pass it through filter and butane falling film

I used a solvent tank with a filter on the dip tube, that way I could manually agitate, making sure the kief was saturated properly.

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Whatever your application may be, sure!

I was picturing condensing a box (25 runs) into 2.5 runs. Or a 10:1 ratio would be ideal. But sure, you could totally do that.

Have you ever done it with crx and cry?

Yield vs standard run??

It will turn to concrete if you run straight kief, mix it into your material. The only time ive ran straight keif was with-a jacketed column and hot water running thru it.

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Why would it turn to concrete? It’s just kief blended with crx media???

I’ve had normal kief runs clog for sure

I’m talking about mixing it with the crx media (like you just recommended mixing with trim (which I’ve done w success many times))

I don’t see clogs or turning to concrete being an issue, I’m just more concerned with yield.

I also do not have extra kief in this instance. Just trim material that I’m trying to get thru FASTER by KIEFING it. If it will yield the same/similar

you can decant extract kief with heptane, filter & reduce
disolve into pentane, crc filter & reduce till you hit your saturation point & crash out thca

Not enough terps in Kief to go into butane imho


Ive never mixed kief with media, i would just add 25-40% kief to your columns and run normal. It will still cut down on amount of columns ran and will increase your yields. I can see how it would work but i can see it also not working depending on the amount of material (kief) your running. 25-30% was my sweet spot for no clogs and way better yields when mixing into material. Ive ran b80 in the columns never media bros, if you do it let me know id much rather run 12 columns vs 24-36. Ive just personally never had success but no reason you wont

Fair enough, what would you predict the result of kief lacking terps for a butane extration to be?

Flavor loss?

Both on some level?
Noticeable enough to matter?

Depends, what is your end product or goal going to be ?

The yield will depend on how hard you tumble the kief, ive ran contractor bags of kief and people are surprised when it returns 2-4% by weight cause they tumbled the shit out of it. It also wont have the same flavor as mentioned above if ran solo vs mixed.

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Was going to add work slabs FWIW

Not fresh frozen or diamonds or nugruns where I’d Def care more, just dope slabs for the kids for the 1600 to 2400 range (ca)

the material isn’t straight trash this years and it varies alot between 7 and 15% yield mostly, but it’s Def all for slabs and crumble. Some if it is ok without crc, some isnt (more like the 5%ers) so I’m not tripping on terps for flavor so much as I would be for yield but I feel like since it’s trim it’s gonna be minimal loss if any?

For shatter or crumble I would suggest mixing it with the material as @Concentrated_humbold mentioned and straight up treating the kief as thca booster.

Ive tried CRX/Y and it does not murder terp profiles but it does not leave them untouched either. You are better off to keep the terps you are extracting with the thca that the kief adds into the mix


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good info im about to try some cry/

Go lighter on cry vs crx

I went thru 20kg of crx first day with it, didn’t have 1 bad result.
Barely touched the cry, the cry was eating yields for sure w the silica content.

Imo, cry only for really bad/old/stubborn material w the color, or blend w crx worst case. I like a 75/25 or 80/20 crx, to cry, cry at top, if not just full crx, material depending obv.

Good luck!
Lmk what happens u running kief or ??

i think i may still have a bit of crx. in general nobody has given a f about colors so anyways ill try it I havent used cry but its here so i may as well try for clear? media bros are kickass and sent me a bag of both for free.

Media Bros are def handling it, and the customer service is proper for sure i had a very dope phone call w them last wk, they Def seem to care and know whats up. I have my samples otw as well, they upped the sample amount for us as well, no questions asked. I’m still waiting for the samples ,couldn’t wait to try em so went and got some 10kg bins to try and they work great lol can’t wait to use the samples lol

You gonna try the kief run w the cry??

im not that guy to get samples over and over LOL= i have one and only one account on future. and i laughed at that and kicked a bucket of trim and hurt my injjured ankle= just a bit its fine.

Who said anything about getting samples over and over, or multiple accounts on f42???

I ordered samples on THIS account and then drove to xtr actor depot in Los Angeles and got my won 10kg bins before the samples arrived… the samples should be here this week.

Are you running the cry with kief, or jus hating?

im drunk- i conflated your and the other guys post and one mentioned samples the other mentioned results= oops.

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