Crc sizing help i

Hi everyone

I apologize if this has been answered before.

I would like to do inline filtration on my cls, I’m. open to get a N assist, but I don’t have atm.

Current equipment I have:

1m x 45mm ID column
450mm x 45mm ID column
300mm x 45mm ID column

6" x 12" spool plus platter
2x filter plates 45mm diameter

Solvent tank yellow dot

What I would like to know is, can I use one of my smaller columns to use as a holder for my powders? Will this be too much filter powders or is the normal filter plates enough volume? Or must I use a reducer?

Also what will max volume of solvent be needed to pass over the material and powders given the size of my collection chamber?

Any advise would be great as I’m in South Africa, so not easy access to parts.

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About4 lbs would be absolute max that can fit in your collection

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Yes you can use your smaller column as your filter housing without a reducer. Fill with filter media as needed and throttle your Solvent in slowly.


I’ve got a filterplate to a reducer cone 3"-1.5" planning on adding my crc filterstacks at bottom of 1.5" before my collection. what’s your thoughts on 1.5" vs 3"? I only use a small unit topfill 1lb Apollo set up have Nitrogren assist being sent over as we speak. I’ll be laying celite545 silica, t5, activated alumina in different variations. Thanks.

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you dont need a reducer, we size the C.R.C to your column size. Example A 4x48 column usually gets a 4" C.R.C with a 6" deep bed of the powders.


Here is what I have equipment wise to use.

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fill the larger column with plant material, fill the short column with the filter plate attached to the bottom with 100-150mm of the media powders. That should work.You may need some way to build the pressure for inject like n2 gas or hot looping the tank.


Thank you

I have another tank to do a hot loop, just need more hoses.
And I am planning to get an N2 tank and attaching it to a T on an end cap for the top of the material column.

Should I compress the powders into the column or try it loose as I’ve seen some members mention doing?


compact and settle the powders with a vacuum drawing through the filter, just like packing a dcvc column.


Hey there, I wasn’t finding a way to DM you but how do I contact for an order? Please n thanks!

What kinda filteration between material column and smaller column?

I run a 6x36 column and the crc I use is a 4x18 with a filter plate on bottom.
I like skinny and longer for more interaction time rather then short and wide


You can get our sales guy here

It looks like he has a filterplate, you could attempt it with filter papers.I was just trying to work with what equipment he has.

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Is a sintered disk an absolute nessesary?

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Only if you want to ensure that all the particles are retained in the filter. If that isnt a concern or you plan on winterizing in etoh afterword go for it.
It certainly worked for me when I was first experimenting with it.


No I want to be as clean as possible. OK my mission is to get a sintered disk… Near impossible so far

What size?

I was thinking of using a 2".
Is this the right thing?

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That should work, The main complaints about them is they fit extremely tight, an the large sizes like 6" weak and cant take much differential pressure. We have 2x3" ones that are just sitting here, we have no use for them.We could probably do half off the disk.