CRC media making it through 1um sintered disc?

Hey yall. Has anyone had an issue with media making it through your filters? If so what prevents that? Two sig inch 5um sintered discs at the base of my CRC column and a 1um filter with a 2um filter paper above and im still ending up with white media in my final product. It is extremely frustrating. Any tips? I will post more pictures when I get to the lab! :camera:

Try putting some sort of (cotton?) pad at the bottom, I think there are some jokes about tampon filters in the CRC thread.


Don’t use the scented ones


Felt filter sheeting actually…


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So… you’re having trouble with CRC media making it past your filters.

You’re sure you’re not the only one…but instead of typing your query into the search box and looking at the dozens of threads on the subject, you post it and ask others to do your work.

There are more effective ways of using this resource…

Pasting your entire thread title in the search box only pulls up one other hit, but simplifying it to Search results for 'CRC 1um sintered disc' - Future4200 gives plenty of useful information.

Including the tricks of the trade thread where felt filter @ExTek90 hinted at can be found.

If you put a little effort into your search query, you’ll find there are dozens of places this has been addressed.


The title says 1um sintered disc but the post says

I assume sig=6
Are the sintered discs flat on the bottom of the column? Stacked on each other? Are they on top of a filter plate? How do you stop them from moving around? How many psi are you running?

What are we looking at in this picture? If this column is after your CRC it looks like you had a serious blowout not just a leak. Your filters probably came unseated. Are you using the janky ones with the green oring around them?

You have to be very careful to never have positive pressure (psi) push back from the bottom of the CRC filter all kinds of bad things can/will happen. I pull thru the CRC with my recovery now to avoid any backpressure.


Do you bypass at all during runs? For pulling vac, bleeding, etc?

To what end?

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Check the b80 discussion thread just posted my filter setup for no media pass through


Celite patty as base followed by your choice of mixed medias.


doubls ur filter papers so the ring fits super right…i use about 1inch de

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