Crc issues

Hi I’m trying to use the crc tech but I keep getting filter media in my oil. It looks like a small amount of dust or dirt and at first I thought it was because my filter paper ripped but now I did another run with no rips and I’m still seeing dust in my end product. Any ideas on how to fix this ? I’m using 10 and 5 micron filter papers but I have ordered 2 micron to see if that will help. Thanks !


You should be running with a layer of celite right on top of your filter paper. This will grab all but the very finest particles which can be separated by keeping the extract in solution and allowing the particles to slowly settle and fall to the bottom of the solution.


Get a proper filter and stop using filter paper.


saving up for a nice one. Not sure what to do in the meantime

I use filter paper with DE on top. What’s wrong with using paper?


Yea I use filter paper on top of my sintered disc because just by the look of it, it would be a pain in the ass to get all particles from your powder to clean out of the disc.


Hows the throughput, are yiu nitro pushing? Ive never done it but i do something similar for filtering my etho/oleresin solution

Currently pushing with propane and it sucks. I’m gonna be buying a nitrogen tank within the week.

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Ya that what i heard m, my friend said his amount he can eun went down by 66% when using it.

Yeh it does effect the yield im currently having the media issue as well but I ordered a 20 micron to 5 micron mesh gasketed screen should catch whatever media’s been falling through hopefully

What would u suggest

“Cold” crash the media out. I dont have a fancy filter yet. Decant that shit


I personally don’t have a yield loss but my production rate went down. I don’t have flow issues but my runs take a couple hrs each now between loading the crc and running slower than normal. Ive been running at a lower flow rate increasing the residency time my solution is in contact with the medias for better results. But its killing how much I can get done a day. I’m about to build another system because of it

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Having the same issue. Just finished a work day and ran without any crc done and I got another 5 4x48 columns done. I’m thinking about maybe doing the first half of the day all with crc and second half regular. I don’t know I gotta figure something out. I do really want to crc everything though


Why not try Sintered Filter 1um 4" and etc.

Cema Instrument now provide sintered filter for CRC and IRC system.


@Gumby I also run 4x48 tubes and it’s a slow process to run all 4 tubes. I’m working with @Killa12345 to make a hemi lif for my collection pots with a dip tube.
The idea is to run the 4 tubes cold without the crc into the collection pot. Then take those runs and pass them thru the crc column warm at the same time. I have noticed I get better flow running thru the filter media warm than cold. When me killa and Dred where playing with this in the beginning we had the filter media freeze up on us and it slowed the flow to a crawl.
So the idea with this set up is run cold as you normally do then run warm thru the CRC. Maybe we can get a group order for these hemi lids with a dip tube on them.


Also a dip tube on your crc collection can decant any powders that blow by

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Thats could be an option. For me the CRC collection would be my last step and after costly blow outs. I started running 4 stages of papers after my DE bed.


I have been unable to decant the carbon from a t41 wash

Habe you tried pushing thru a 2.5um paper under a DE bed?