CRC for newbs aka dummies

I know this a very technical forum and i am a newb in certain areas, so please bare with me. Can some one explain in short order via layman’s terms what the CRC extraction process is and what the pros are for user.

In my limited experience. It lacked in taste, smell, but due to its color you are almost drawn to it. I’m just curious how stripping away smell and flavor benefit user experience.

Thanks in advance


There is all the information you need here if you take the time to read. I’m a layman myself and get by just fine on this site.

You’re asking for free information, that is already posted here, to be condensed into easy to read bites for you and don’t offer any compensation. That usually doesn’t go over well. You could offer to pay someone for a consult, or read. That’s usually the choice given here.

Use the search bar, find the crc tek post, and start reading, or offer up something tp entice someone to do the work for you.


That’s the post, there’s all the information you need right there.


I think this question falls past spoon feeding guys…

I think it removes darker pigments maybe a few darker Cannabinoids. Polish some fats clear af. May take darker flavonoids. It def changed The taste. I could definitely get super weird smells in the CRC filter after

Probably best for material that wouldn’t be great without crc. Or disty maker wanting WATER CLEAR first pass

I know one thing. Disty brought to Temps over 200f tends to darken up. But CRC process oil can be taken to 300f will no burning of any thing

Until extensive test are done it’s hard to get exact


Ummm thanks i guess. Considering this is my first post and I’m not attempting to produce any of this i would hope i wouldn’t need to solicit via financial compensation answers to a pretty basic question. Typically in a forum ppl ask questions when their research doesnt turn up the answers they are seeking. This board is clearly for “pros” but as my post states I’m a newb just researching what in my area is a brand new method of extraction. Thanks for the education for this board’s etiquette but i wouldnt offer money to anyone to answer a couple basic questions in laymans terms. Guess I’ll head back over to reddit and fuckcombustion…geesh :exploding_head:

And thank you for a taking a moment to provide a link. My searches to this post les me to multiple posts for people actually extracting and sharing best practices. I need none of that info just a “for dummies” version of CRC which i got from Instagram from a few companies in my area free of charge and without frustration.

Thank you thats exactly what i needed. I actually read through the post linked above but again as this is not my field it didnt clearly state for me as an end user the impact vs other methods. Truly appreciative for you taking a moment to explain.

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Read time = 22min of "research ". :man_facepalming:


:rofl::rofl: i have been on this board for less than 24 hrs and received more snobby & elitist responses in the past 12 hours than i have in 40 yrs. And i work in tech…Most ppl would simply keep scrolling instead of “attempting” to troll a self id’d newb asking a newb question. I almost deleted this post and just deleted my profile altogether, but after further thought i’ll be the “lazy” newb that dedicated “22 mins” of read time to a max 3 min response type of question. Get a life ppl. Trolling newbs doesnt make you cool and it definitely isnt discouraging me (and hopefully) anybody else from posting In this forum if i have a ?. I read the FAQ and guidelines before i even created a username, soooooo to the trolls on here just keep it moving bro-hams. Cyber bullying isnt a real thing to somebody with commonsense and a backbone.

And to the genuinely helpful members once again many thanks. I’m definitely all in for more than “22 mins of read time” :wink:. Now if i only had a job, wife, kids and personal interests outside of cannabis extraction instead of reading an hour about what type of filter to use “when i will never use said filters” then maybe i could be a smidge cooler and sit with the cool kids at lunchtime :sleeping::sleeping:.

Lastly, thanks again for the insight to the ones who responded with good intent as well as the ones who have contacted me directly with a short response to my very basic question. I got what i needed and I’m so much better informed than i was on what A Carbon Remediation Cartridge is before i had some cyber :clown_face: ‘s respond with highbrow commentary from the peanut gallery this AM.

Cheers cyber-friends :beers: i’m off to dab some Cannabis Cup winning CRC Sunset Sherbet and forget that i took a few mins out of my great day to even respond :sunglasses:.


Reading through this site to get the knowledge is WORK. So you either do the work or pay someone to do it for you just like any job. It took someone HOURS of work to be able to answer your question about a complex process in a “3 min response”. You pay them for those hours, not those 3 min. Not trying to be hostile or “troll” you, just my 2¢ I wish you the best.


First of all it’s Color Remediation Cartridge so your Great resources have already misled you. This is a forum of cultivators, distributors, manufacturers, and home chemists who get asked at least once a week to explain CRC and have already done so umpteen times.

There’s actually a thread debating the value of CRC called ‘CRC = Completely Removes Character’

In Layman terms crc is used to increase the quality of your extracts by increasing potency and decreasing impurities.


I can’t help but picture you as skinny pete from breaking bad. Anyone see the new movie El Camino?


Hours of work to answer what CRC stands for? And pro/cons. Again i think you all thought i wanted a dissertation. I wanted a couple sentence response. If you all feel that strongly pick a different field guys and gals. I’ve been to 3 High Times cups and people share knowledge free of charge while in the midst of selling their product. Thats not the nature of the average cannabis user. Again nobody asked for a step by step walk through. Supplies, process, steps…None of that. So :stop_sign: it nobody owes anybody anything for a basic answer to a question…I’m literally screenshooting these responses for other forums I’m on so other ppl can chuckle at the entitlement on here for doing nothing. The amount of time you all took to type snarky (i’m sorry) “educational/informative” responses about this forums etiquette took more time than just responding to my actual question.

Thats literally the comedy of it all (i already read the FAQ’s and guidelines) so I’m already educated & informed on what I’m permitted to do and say on her so the tips have been time wasted which was you alls ultimate point right - Time is money? So you all wasted time in theory responding to me, instead of just answering the question or as most ppl do just move to next post. Instead now i’m feeling great and waiting on my wife to come home on her lunch to give me some “real knowledge” why you guys talk at the Cyber version of me :man_shrugging:. And the reason this is so comical to me is because of all the negativity from a question that i stated was very rudimentary to begin with in the post. So did you all actually “read” before responding to said new guest. Now i know your Moms and Nana’s didnt teach you cool kids to treat guest like that when they visit now did they? Shammmmeeeeee…Welp just heard my door chime time to get that tutorial i was just telling you guys about. Hey if any of you trolls need it, i heard they are making dolls that seem real for the socially awkward and that get territorial on message boards. IJS Great Day and keep em coming. My reddit likes are through the roof right now with comments lol

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I’ve been to cannabis cups too, they’re a joke


Lol, you think no one else has other responsibilities?

Again, you op basically asked for someone to sum up all the combined research done her, for free.

We all use this place as a valuable resource, and silly posts like this are not a positive addition to the site. Between scammers trying to sell “disty” to people asking for requests with no input, it’s becoming an issue.

Like @CuriousChemist22 said, there’s a ton of crc thread requests asking the exact same thing. Which absolutely shows you did no research whatsoever.


Crc uses an oil loving solvent to push your oil through a water loving sand


Maybe stick to those other forums then chief this place ain’t for softies and clearly we hurt your feelings because you’re falling back on insults. You’re not adding to the discussion and not being a productive member of this community. Reading something and comprehending it are two different things. I tried to be nice. Good luck with your carbon remediation cartridges. :rofl:


There ya go

CRC changes the color from darker to lighter. Pros for user is it looks better.

Btw you literally asked what the CRC process is…


I can feed u all the answers for a small fee


We literally just had a thread about this type of behavior guys.

End users shouldn’t need to do hours of research combing through technical information about production to learn the basics. Just my opinion

We need better sticky’s like other forums that include a Glossary. We also need FAQs about the common topics here for end users seeking knowledge about what they are using.

These things need to be right on the front page . Search bar isn’t as effective as y’all make it seem. The best way to learn forums is to read every thread, this is daunting to most. As people who extract and distill, concentrating important frequent asked about topics into an easy to digest form should come easy.


Its color removal. Using adsorbents like: alumina, silica, carbon, bentonite etc. they are powders. You can use them inline extraction (pack column with weed and layers of powders). Its not really new, just gaining popularity. For the consumer, its as you say, high visual appeal. But likely the product is missing some components (maybe some terpene loss)z