Covid-19 testing kits... you need them? (50k moq)

Covid-19 testing kits are manufactured in my facility. We possess the manufacturing capacity of 5 million a week in the state of California. We provide the testing certificate, gmp certificate, fda certificate and MDSAP.

Looking to help people and get the proper certified test into the right hands.


What don’t you make at your lab?? Really kicking myself for missing this lab tour while I was in Vegas!!


I’ve got a buddy pivoting his CLIA testing lab this week.

I believe they’ve got the reagents and tooling for the RT-PCR assay sorted. How do I get him in touch with you?

How do I get a handful of these for myself?


How much are they and how many can we get?


I would appreciate grabbing a few of these up.

I would ask for some but I’m imagining the moq is more than I have in savings. Lol

what’s the moq and price info? I can’t dm you for some reason. My dad has a CLIA COLA testing lab in Florida and they are desperate

Everything but radio active petroleum. Haha.

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Communicate with me at my email:

Moq is standard with manufacturing. These kits are ready to be distributed to pharmacies, drs offices, emergency rooms, rite aids, grocery stores. You name it.


I need some

A 10 pack for $160 would be helping and worthy of posting here. 100k units @1.6 million dollars as an moq isn’t exactly helpful for 99.99% of the people here. I’ll take that ten pack though if you were serious about helping people and not just trying to be a douche…


The fact you’re inquiring about your self and not for the massess shows wheres your heart at. You want 10 at 160, but then you want that price to reflect your pockets. Ill give it to you at that, but moq is required. Thats where the prices reflect. At the end of the day i still have operating costs. So to make this beneficial to my company, we set a moq to prevent miss construing information thats connected with covid-19 test.

I have no problem providing what you need as long as you come correct for your people. Other wise theres entities and government buildings that will provide testing to you. Make sure you ask for fda regulated and certified test.

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Where my heart is? Yours is obviously located in your wallet. Posting this on here with a $1,600,000 moq just makes you a dick bro. I finally found a use for that ignore button!


is the minimum order seriously 1.6 million dollars?

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Is this test letting me if I currently have Covid19, or does it test for the presence of covid19 antibodies?


Million dollar question


could definitely use some, where to inquire?

This is what i mean… miss guided information. I did not say it would cost 1.6 million or 16$ i said i would give it to him at that price. Theres no point of providing regulated products to a man whose gonna only want to help 10 people, at a price where its beneficial to him.

Ill loose money for the person if its to get these testing kits distributed to the right people so that Agencies and companies that provide standards and use such devices without Manipulation .

@Future these testing kits specifically test the lateral flow of immunoassay intended for the qualitative detection and differentiation of IgM and IgG antibodies .

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Ok what is the MOQ of the product you are selling @Thedistillator