Corken T-91 (recover 6lbs a minute)

Hey everyone, Troy with Xtractor Depot here dropping some info about the Corken T-91 and T2-91 we will be adding to our product line.

Currently the fastest hydrocarbon recovery pump we stock at Xtractor Depot is the MVP line; the MVP-6 is rated to 1lb per minute recovery of butane, and 1.5lbs per minute for the MVP-150.

The standard rating for the Corken T-91 is about 2-3lbs recovery a minute for n-butane. On our ASME certified Titan closed loop system, we are able to recover 6lbs PER MINUTE of propane using the Corken T-91. Keep in mind this does not mean any system can recover at that exact rate simply by implementing the Corken.

The T2-91 almost doubles that speed, another version of the T style corken that is significantly faster, rated at about 3-4lbs a minute for n-butane. (double speed = double price)

Below are some pictures of the T-91 and the Titan system rated for 6lbs of propane recovery a minute when the two are paired. I will release more info on the Titan as time goes on, but I’ve noticed a lot of talk about recovery pumps with little mention of the Corkens, which are the fastest pumps available in their price range.

At the end of October (next week) I will be getting in five Corken T-91’s, two of them are already spoken for, and I can also special order the T2-91 at any time. DM, email, call, or text me with any questions. Info in my profile.


Whats the price?

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ETS has these also, with auxiliary chillers, etc. I think it’s a hair over what a punisher would cost but I never saw the invoice.

Twice the size = twice the price? That’s kind of a poor scaling factor. Generally things are better deals the bigger you get.

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Hey what’s up slabby! Hope your trs is holdin up.

The T-91 is $18,000

T2-91 is $30,000


Usually that would be that case but the T2 is basically a doubled up version of the T-91 with twice as many parts. Almost two T-91s combined


just curious, what’s the noise like on these units compared to other pumps?

They aren’t too loud, I haven’t gotten the chance to turn one on myself yet but I’ve heard they’re quieter than a haskel since you don’t need an external compressor.

Have you personally done s lot of runs with these pumps?

Only one i’ve ever seen is the one we had for r&d which i have pictured, so no I personally haven’t.

You guys tested it with propane and got 6lbs a minute. It’s rated for 2 to 3lbs of butane per minute. What’s the realistic butane recovery speeds you guys saw compared to advertise?

Thats the realistic rating depending on the gas. More propane means higher pressure which leads to a faster recovery since theres more “push”.

Butane is 2-3lbs

70/30 is 3-4lbs

Propane is 5-6lbs

Also keep in mind that was on our specific system. I cant speak for the pumps ratings on other closed loops but the 2-3lbs of butane is what the manufacturer rates it at and what we found it to do

were these tests that were ran on your system done by running actual material or just distilling straight tane?
what temperature did you have your heater at?
what temperature/pressure was your solvent tank at?

def better than a sledgehammer for sure.


Heater went up to about 150-160 fahrenheit* ,

Operating pressure with propane was around 120psi

150 celcius?!?
how does the titan system perform under 90-120f with the corken?

oops for some reason i thought it said celcius…nvm

No I changed it to F sorry.

Not too sure since we can only do so much testing. The titan is such a new system that it hasn’t been put through entire runs in a lab setting yet, which is why I was trying to focus more on the corken for this post. I will release more info on Titan as time goes on and we have more info ready to give out.

But, as long as you’re getting some pressure over 50psi you should be able to recover at a fair rate. Most people have just been adding the corken to their existing system in place of an MVP and seen the 2-3lbs a minute, so whatever operating procedure you have wouldn’t change much.

I dont have a decibal rating for you but it is a fairly quiet pump when mounted correctly. We have been selling them for some time now. Really solid solution. Faster than the GC and doesnt leak due to the proper packing.