Cool new kava/kratom drink thing

These have been popping up in all of the liquor stores and 711s in my town, employee said they are extremely effective. being marketed as an alcohol alternative.

Any thoughts on how this product is made? Apparently there is some sort of powder in the mix I’m assuming that’s the kratom and kava.

I used to use kava quite some years ago as a replacement for benzos when doctors had me on them. Kava is supposed to become stronger in your system over time it’s where you actually have to consume less to get the same effects. I never experienced those alleged effects. I used to make the kava that drink a couple times a day. I eventually got to the point where even the smell of it would make me throw up. So it’s been many years since I’ve used kava.
Between you and I I’ve been using kratom here as of late the offset coming off of the nerve medications that I was on. I’ve been using that to great effect to be honest. So I’m actually interested what the affects would be like of mixing these two. I would think for me that maybe having the kava in it would make me too tired to really want to do anything. I tried a couple of these kratom tintures, and I have yet to have one that I didn’t almost violently throw back up as soon as I drink. I’ve just been taking and using the pills, and they seem to be helping quite a bit.

I wonder if the combination between the two could be a good replacement for drinking. I mean that’s what kava is used for in the cultures that it’s from. The same with kratom

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The pills work. But if you can stomach drinking the powder just mixed with water, then do it…some brands taste worst than others. Was out of town recently and picked some up because I stayed longer than expected, got one that tasted absolutely fucking terrible…

I’m able to comsume way less and still achieve the desired result. Quicker onset with no loss in duration ime. Also way cheaper to get the basic powdered/pulverized form.

The tinctures lack imo. Something just isn’t there compared to leaf. Would love if an extract would have similar effect to leaf (and be in a reasonable price range). All the extract stuff I see is super expensive for the dose you get.

Never tried kava…


They are selling them in liquor stores? I foresee people getting sick/overdosing in conjunction with alcohol. Also, some people are allergic to kava and get itchy sores.

I think this product may cause more problems than it is worth.


Yeah. I wouldn’t mix the two.

I don’t even mix kratom and caffeine. Shit will make me puke. Lol


Four Loko was wormwood (still narcotic with thujone removed), caffeine and alcohol. The effects made people into zombies. They took out the wormwood, then caffeine for a reason.

I guess people are going to have to stick with Jager/Red Bull or Buckfast Tonic.


I’d never heard if this lolz

Just looked it up.


It is made/licensed by monks! Too bad it makes people want to fight in the street.


Believe it or not I’ve had bouts of nauseousness since coming off of the meds, and the kratom actually takes the nauseousness away that’s the main reason why I use it these days

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I’ve actually got a bag of powder that I have yet to try. I just don’t want to end up having experience with the kratom like I did with the kava if I have to have it in capsules to avoid that I’ll do that. I’ve also found out that for me it seems like it works better when I have food in my stomach versus empty stomach


If it’s powdered properly, you can just stir it in water and down the hatch. There’s no reason to do a dry cinnamon challenge trying to get some relief.

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Yeah, just get a mason jar, put your dose in there with some water and Shake it on up…

Pound it. Chase it. Try not to puke.



My friend went bonkers on kratom and Adderall. Literally went insane


I can totally see how something like that would happen. At the end of the day Adderall is meth. I just really don’t like the way that speed messes with my mind at any dosage, and I also like to sleep

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Yes, at a few locations. My employee said they get you extremely high. The company is marketing it to college people and non drinking types on their social


It’s gotta be due to the kava mixed in then. Because a 3500mg dose of kratom isn’t that crazy. Should be more stimulating at that dose ime…

Our local health food store also recently started carrying a house brand kava tincture. Seems to be gaining popularity. Was more wondering how this product is made, strange formulation for a shot.


Interesting, might have to try it sometime.

Super strange. Idk how they are hiding the 3.5 grams of powder in such a small shot. I would think shit would be like goo. I can’t imagine drinking it with anything but water lol


My bet is they just make tea from the powder and strain it out. If it is in there, oof, sounds like goo like you said.

Kava is pretty awesome, there’s candies and drinks and all sorts of stuff made with it. Starts off with a pleasant numbing sensation, followed by mild euphoria and relaxation. Only issue is if one drinks it daily it can cause more issues than even daily alcohol use.

There’s a super nice kava bar in downtown Denver.


Properly made kavas like drinking cheecha (sp?) minus the spit. Although it’s still definitely taste like it’s in there. Definite mouth numbness and tingling. I honestly don’t know much about extracting it or anything else. My time with it was back in 2004 so it’s been a while since I’ve had anything to do with it