Converting 5L heating mantle

Have any of you ever converted a 5L heating mantle to support a 2 L flask?



Line the mantle with foil, bf , then fill in with sand sand

Bf? I heard the sand can ruin mantles?

Search… .
Bf = boiling flask

If you line the mantle with tin foil, then BF, then sand, your golden

is there a limit to this? can you use a 5l mantle with a 500ml bf? all i can figure is that it would increase heat up times, meaning go even slower on ramp up

5l to 500ml is a HUGE difference in size. Like going from a yugo to a hummer h2

Yeah i know thats a massive difference i was just curious if you or anyone else in the community knows where the line is with the sand trick. If not i guess ill be the guniea pig

Never ever use a smaller flask than what is meant for the mantle. It is dangerous, can break and fling hot oil everywhere and also cause severe vision burns.

Never fill a mantle with sand unless you use a Teflon bed liner. Also sand is used to fill gaps. Never ever to convert mantle size.


It’s not good.
Because 2P flask can not fit 5L mantle Well; and there is gaps and uneven heating