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Below is the picture of some distillate that was sourced by a friend and looking for answers from experts.

Does this red ring of death mean it is a conversion? Tests results will be posted once completed but from the naked eyes can anyone accurately gauge potency ?

TLDR : do you think This is converted and please provide potency rating for the picture of distillate? I need accurate analysis by the eye.

Does this look like a converted liter or traditional? Has anyone experienced red ring on traditional distillate? Thanks for your expertise in advance.

An eye for analytics



Depending on the color temperature of your light bulb this could be anywhere from 77% to 84% D9THC (converted) I would say about 2.3 to 2.4% D8 roughly about 0.7 maybe 0.8 % CBD about 2.2 to 2.4% CBN. Overall cannabinoids would be about 94.3 to 94.4%


What characteristics lead you to believe it is converted? Btw thanks for your participation! I always get a good laugh and some wisdom :fire:

The same ones that led you to believe anyone could tell you anything about that from that picture.


Except that maybe you should hold out for a better color and clarity next time.


As in taking a better picture or hold out until I can get something with a better color?

In my opinion the color of your stuff is subpar but that’s just my opinion

I appreciate the honesty and completely agree

Is that mold in the middle or is this some sorta crystallizing cbd??


Lightning better pictures below pictures

Looks like cbd.

CBD derived or good ol CBD distillate?

For context, friend said it came with a blue cap bottle not orange? I don’t know if that makes a difference. Does metrc or the industry have a standard protocol on distillate and color of caps?

Dark blue or light blue cap


Flash and no flash

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Of course it makes a difference. Wrong cap different product.

Blue cap. Cbd. Definitely cbd


Refreshing to see everyone sticking to the science in this thread :sunglasses:


Who needs science when you got a blue cap. :cold_face:


So orange and blue cap products are industry standards?

I ask because friend was told same source, just different caps

The caps change color when you fill with converted disty, its a chemical change