Container cleaning in California

What do yall’s use to clean things like sample homogenization containers (blender cups) and such? We currently use two sequential Alcojet baths as the state said we couldn’t use an IPA bath. It does a pretty poor job for concentrates and such so if anyone has a better method I’m all ears

Are you allowed to utilize etoh?

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Yeah you gotta have some sort of alcohol to get it clean. You can’t just presoak in alcohol then on to Alconox?


Have not tried Alconox, is that more effective than prepping Alcojet how it says on the bottle? (0.5-1% soln.)

Have not looked into it as ethanol has been a bit more pricey for us but its going on the list!

It’s the same stuff, I think the Alcojet doesn’t foam as much is the only difference. Same manufacturer at least, and same usable concentration.

Use ethanol. Recover.

Get your liquor AND your cannabinoids back.

Make dish-dillate!

It can be documented in Metrc…much more easily in OR than elsewhere now that we can use processing jobs as defacto accumulators

Here is another implementation: