Consultant for simplest edible coating recipe

Hi future4200,

I understand the topic of spraying or coating edibles has been beaten to death. I have used the search function and read most threads available.

I would like to pay for an SOP or consultant to provide me with the absolute simplest method to product the largest volume of “decently consistent dosed” thc/cbd, store bought candies.

Whether it is sprayed, pipetted, coated in thc sugar, shaken, stired, whatever.

We need to produce a large volume with limited manpower (rogue country).

Thank you

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Mx your d9 with D8 to get a glazed touch


Maybe try asking @cyclopath politely. I hear rumor he understands the process well and has helped with spoons before. Best of luck.


What’s the composition of the material to medicate?

I’d love to help- shoot me a DM- there are a lot of considerations to take into account regarding access to specific equipment, scale, and budget

You got access to a cement mixer?


dm me

I had that same idea but I didn’t think I’d ever see it put to use haha

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Take chocolate melts.

Melt & infuse. Dispense.

I suggest 500mg bars.

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Melting down gummy worms, adding distillate, then repouring into a shape or tray to cut after cooling.

Lazy way to make gummies and it’s also easier to dose. Also don’t have to fight to have them not mold, or learn a consistency


What does this mean ?

That’s what I’m gonna try.

Mentioned to add a little gelatin to get the consistency back.

Pure d8 is rock hard adding this to your D9
Or glazing over as last with D 8 helps to make the total consistency less tacky


I wouldn’t even go that far.

Last group I was with, literally, just melted down black forest sour gummy worms by each color, added disty, poured layers on a cookie sheet, let it cool, cut into pieces, then tossed in citric acid again for that extra sour.

End product


Hell yeah I could get a cement mixer. This was one of my ideas to make thc infused sugar and then get the dosing right and toss it into a cement mixer lmao

For the candy bar idea unfortunately won’t work for how our product travels to consumers

I’m trying to avoid the melting down route and remolding.

Although your second reply with the melted down black forest gummies then poured flat could have some potential

Then you’d just have to cut them and figure out dosing to weight of each packaged portion


A vac oven shelf lined with parchment paper may be the ticket to an even layer.

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I’ve developed a method that seems to work fairly well. Consistency is achievable but only works for sanded gummies. Maybe you can help me master unsanded gummies @cyclopath ?

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