Congress introduces bill to legalize hemp CBD supplements

GMP requirements
Vague on d8 thc but speaks about adulterants in hemp.
Speaks about .3%thc as per usual.

“Due to continued FDA inaction,” said Gustafson, “more consumers are at risk every day of unsafe or illegal products that are poorly manufactured, incorrectly labeled, or illegally deliver THC or other adulterants. Concurrently, responsible CBD companies that adhere to federal regulations and product and market safe and beneficial CBD dietary supplements are forced to share the shelf with disreputable companies that compromise public safety for profit.””


Fuckin’ finally

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Don’t care unless it means I can have a bank account. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So everyone not complaint would have to be white labeled by a GMP compliant facility?


GMP or bust is what I read.


Any supplement no matter where from has to be GMP

This isnt just for Hemp


It looks like the kitchen cooks/wooks will be wooking for a real job.

Correct, a workaround would be having products white labeled and fulfilled from a GMP facility id assume, as I’m sure is the case is with many other supplement companies.

Would mean a big influx in white label orders for the big guys

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Yes, definitely will funnel wholesale big time.

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Thanks for posting!

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This is a way bigger deal than a checking account, unfortunately.

Six figures, is a big deal to me.

This bill would add hemp to the list of products governed under CFR 21.111

you can! We have had one for years and they 100% know what we are doing. Just no vape pens are allowed.


Bank of America accepts Hemp. No hassle.

This is going to create a shift on the industry and thin the herd significantly. GMP facilities are going to see a drastic uptick in customers due trying to keep their brands alive. This single change alone will reduce a ton of products on shelves that aren’t up-to-par

This is an expected death sentence to mom&pop cbd


Sounds about right but honestly this is a really good thing! People should have been investing in proper protocol from the beginning or working with people that were doing it right instead of working with the cheapest option they could find.

Stoked we are NSF cGMP, ISO 9000, Hemp Authority approved, Leaping Bunny Certified, NON GMO, don’t make silly unsubstantiated health claims, and have performed self affirmed GRAS studies on all of our ingredients.


What do you think this will mean for just cbd oil producers without GMP? Can they then sell inventory to gmp facilities still maybe as a wip like a GMP kitchen? Or does this have to go gmp all the way through? Like seed to gummy. What also falls under supplements? (product wise) I don’t think vapes do.

“Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, a dietary supplement must, among other requirements, be intended for ingestion,” Khan says. “Accordingly, a vitamin product for inhalation cannot be legally marketed as a dietary supplement” - The FDA Confirms How It Views So-Called "Vitamin Vaping"

Yeah… So what does that mean for vaporizers
Even the cbd ones? Not even talking d8 lul

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So are mom & pops that buy GMP cannabinoids and GMP excipients/carriers and make their own simple tinctures screwed for not being GMP themselves?

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They’ll have to go full white label imo end product that is a dietary supplement*

All the raw ingredients used in the product production, have got to be GMP.
If you use an ingredient that is not from a GMP facility, your end product want be GMP. I wonder how this will effect my cosmetics!

I was told it would cost in the ballpark of 30k just to make my flooring GMP ready. :eyes: it’s only 2200 sf of floor.