Compressor to move etoh thru a column?

So, my dad gave me a compressor and I’m wondering if I can use 60psi to move a bucket tek mixture thru a 3×24 column into a 6×12 base for filtration. Ik nitrogen or vacuum is preferred but out of curiosity would a compressor work or is a diaphragm air pump needed.

I’ve heard of compressors being used to move etoh thru filter houses.

From my understanding, and I could be wrong about this, but standard air compressors are no good for most applications as the air they pump out is contaminated with oil and stuff I believe.

I know they have contaminate free ones, but the only one that comes to mind is like 100k and is made by 3m


So an oil free diaphragm air compressor that can push 60psi would work better, correct? ?

You can get away with using a regular compressor if you have a stainless steel cold trap. You can condense the oil and water vapor in the compressed air fairly easily and make it usable.


Removing compressor oil from the compressed air is fairly trivial. Water is honestly probably more of a challenge just because there is more of it. The last reason people use inert gas instead of air is because, well, it’s inert and it turns out people get a little sketched out compressing fuel and air together. Not sure exactly where I fall on the topic, there are certainly more dangerous things you could do but then again N2 is pretty cheap


Using a dryer could also help if your not looking to buy a new pump. Here’s a cheap one you could pick up at home depot. There are also models that would significantly out price the cost of an appropriate pump.

Not saying it’s ideal, but they work pretty well.

When compressing an air fuel mixture, temp is an important part of the puzzle.

What temp is that liquor?

Zero C would be my comfort level at 60-80psi. Nothing at all to base that on.


Dry ice cold, I was thinking of using my dewaxing column. When I used 30 psi it was like a drip. So I wanna know how I can get a stream.

Do you already have a compressor you’re planning on using? I’m guessing this is gonna be a lot cheaper if you don’t and also probably something you’ll get a lot of use out of (backfilling containers and such):

It really doesn’t take too much N2 and I think we pay something like $30 for a T-sized bottle of it. It’s nice having inert gas around


How high of a psi rating on a prv do I need on my system? One that goes to the highest psi my gauge on my cls reads or 20psi more than that? Or less than that?

But would using a air spray gun on a compressor going thru a sieve work?

Your PRV should be below the lowest rated pressure on your system which is usually the pressure rating of the largest diameter component. Note that the “maximum allowable working pressure” (MAWP) can usually be used as the value for the relief device but if all you have is a “burst pressure” or some sketchy China number then you’ll obviously want it lower than that by quite a bit (30-50%).

Definitely DO NOT do this: guess what happens if you stop blowing or lose seal on whatever hole you’re blowing through. Your alcohol will very possibly spray back out of that hole. Certainly some vapors will.

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shouldn’t u use nitro…

adding air to etoh ur making a bomb. oxygen plus Etoh equals boom

my prvs are set at 150psi but I dont have a Etoh system

fuck!! looks like i’m actually gonna have to buy nitrogen

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@cyclopath will know the best thing to do and if it’s possible or not dangenerous as hell

btw I like that leader badge " the path" !!!

Air will work fine. Standard water traps and coalescing filters will remove most the moisture and oil, but consider using a breathing air filter, which also has activated carbon and removes particles to 0.01 micron.

You can reduce the load on both filters by adding an after cooler and holding tank with auto drain, to allow the air to cool down and the water and oil drop out.


Change 0.01 micron statement above to 0.01 ppm.

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idk I’m kinda liking the knowledge

I know w something like butane or propane air compressor is a no no. But there must be something about Etoh keeping it being able to be pushed w air