Comparing vacuum filters


for sure. I took off the sight glasses for the same reason, they weren’t very useful. My last run I didn’t use the top filter plate (I was too high and forgot to put it on) channeling did occur and AC fines made their way through. So Inlearned the hard way the importance of the top filter plate.


Awesome when filtering larger is almost always better!! Doesn’t the unit come with high pressure dual bolt clamps?


Can you build me one?


@Jay-TL yes it comes with high-pressure clamps tri-clamp, but I meant more of a “you have to actually bolt each one down and theres several” of them type bolts.


Can you sell me one? Can it have a 1/2 in and out?


It’s really easy to assemble, I can post a list of the parts I used if that is helpful. I ordered parts from Affordable Distillery Equipment, Best Value Vacs, and of course Amazon.

Not sure what you mean by 1/2in and out?


I can. I’ll message you later to day for more details.


Thank you



I like bag filters. You can get filtration at gpm speeds even at submicron levels. They don’t get 100% dry like a buchner but I think when you go to larger scales it washes out. And you can press/centrifuge/redissolve if you want to aim for getting the last drops.


That filter looks bad ass! I like the drawings as well. Looks professional. Lots of fun to see your own design come to fruition.


Yes can you post a list please


Here are the main components for the filter I put together. The links are just examples of the parts I bought. It is well worth looking around for the best prices. In some cases I was able to find some parts on sale or on another site for much cheaper. Also, BVV has a 10% discount for new accounts.

1 x 8in Tri-clamp end cap, used as top lid
3 x 8in Tri-clamp high pressure clamps, could use standard pressure clamps also
4 x 1.5in Tri-clamp high pressure clamps, for top and bottom ports
3 x 8in Tri-clamp gaskets
4 x 1.5in Tri-clamp gaskets
1 x 8in Filter plate , used on top for liquid distribution
1 x 8in x 12in Spool
1 x 8in Sintered filter disk, drops into 8in reducer and has o ring to create seal
1 x 8in to 1.5in Tri-clamp reducer

Addtional parts connected to top and bottom ports:
2 x 1.5in Tri-clamp to 1/2in MPT
2 x 1.5 Sight glass, Not really neccessary because the filter plate blocks view anyways
1 x Pressure gauge 1/4 MPT
1 x Mini Ball valve 1/4 MPT, pressure release valve on top
2 x Stainless ball valve 1/2 FPT, liquid in / liquid out
2 x 1/2 MPT to 3/8 barb, liquid in / liquid out

If i was to make another one I might use a different lid, with less ports, The two ports I used for sight glasses don’t really do much because the filter plate blocks the view. It was nice to look inside on the first use to see if the liquid was getting distributed evenly, but it would save costs by not having to buy sight glasses and clamps.

Another thing to consider is how to mount this filter, it is pretty heavy. I am planning on making a frame out of square tubing, but it might be a lot easier to use a collection base/ splatter platter with side drain fitting instead of a reducer like I used. Then it could just be set on a table top, only thing is they don’t drain completely unless you tip the base at the end.


Thank you so much!!!


Anybody tried to filter with this water filters and custom cartridges?


Looks to be an aluminum stock pot.


I toured Pope Sci yesterday and got to take a close look at their Nutche filters, instead of a vacuum they use pressure to force material out of the chamber, 14.7 PSI is equal to absolute vacuum so it’s a pretty simple process and a lot cheaper to pressureize than to buy a vacuum pump- I would imagine many of the designs on this thread would work with high pressure.


I think those would work pretty good for filtering sediment after cryo ethanol extraction. They are commonly used in beer and wine making. I was thinking of going that route but wanted a filter that could be used for winterization also, and thought the cartridges would get gummed up quick.

@yotombro on instagram uses one in his cbd processing setup.


I have inline carbon cartridge filter


I go from a huge sock filter 25 micron to a 10 micron cartridge to 5 micron carbon cartridge then it’ll go to ur filter after