Comparing vacuum filters


How does 5 micron AC filter perform? Is this the only AC filtration you do?


I am looking at differently sized cartridges. Some are suitable for large swimming pools.


Do a series of them 25 10 5


Yea mine SOP right now is also 25 mic sock filter, then through bentonit/AC cake. But that is pretty slow.
Is one pass through the 5 micron carbon cartridge enough to clear the color?
I’m trying to build up a custom bentonite cartridge to add for this inline filtration.


Depends. Copy the filter that Tare posted do it last

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Are you pumping it through?


I’m just shooting some wild suggestion but how would positive pressure on the top and negative (vacuum) pressure on the bottom work out?


I use a pump for the 3 inlines the last filter will be separate


I would think it could? Right?


I’m pulling a vacuum on the glass carboy posted in the pic above. This puts negative pressure in the filter so it can pull liquid from the bucket with my unfiltered liquid. I find that it works good if I control the rate of liquid getting pulled in to the filter by turning the top valve. If its not wide open and slightly restricted, the filter will maintain a slight negative pressure and the liquid will spray in instead of a stream. I still need to experiment to see what is the best way top run it.

Ultimately positive pressure using gas or pump would work better. I’m only filtering cold ethanol right now and it goes at a fast rate. I expect with winterization it would be much slower compared to positive pressure. @Champone What are you using for a pump?


Ok awesome. I have a 1” stainless pump that I pump thru a 25 micron sock then a 10 cartridge and a 5 cartridge. I’m wondering if I should put the new one inline w these or do a separate deal. What about this for the stream problem?


I suppose you could try it out inline and see if you get a decent speed. It would save you a step doing it all in one shot, but might lose speed through the cartridge filters.

I was thinking of using one of those shower heads but didn’t find the parts to do it. I did see some lids that had it built in but not the right size. I bet there is some type of tri-clamp dip tube insert that would stick down inside one of 1.5in ports on the lid. Then you could screw the shower head on.


So your not filtering any finer than 3micron and nust using DE after the rough cut? Because i cant find and paper below 3 micron for my belart.


I nitro push out of my reactor after final dewax, works great


Yep, warm filter in methanol around 50c (i always degum with enzymes first ) then through a layer of celite 545 for the final filtration


What do u pack in yours?


Have u ever packed a filter w the vac on and it sucked the disc to the bowl?


My sintered disk got sucked to the bottom and broke that ever happen to you?