Comparing vacuum filters


The sealed filter worked really well. I was only filtering ethanol from a -40c extraction, so there was not much suspended fats or lipids, but quite a bit of resin glands and other particles that were knocked off during extraction. I put a layer of silica and celite on top of the sintered filter disk and patted it down gently, then ran through some ethanol through the filter a few times until it came out clear with no sediment. I was thinking of making a slurry and feeding it in through the top, but didn’t know if the cake would come out uneven like that.

I used a glass carboy racking cap to pull a vacuum on the filter, then pulled unfiltered from a bucket. I’m thinking of switching out the carboy for a keg, the glass is pretty thick but have no idea how much negative pressure it can handle without implosion.

It is really nice to be able to pull/feed from a container rather than keep dumping into a funnel, this made the whole extraction process so much easier and enjoyable. I was able to turn on vacuum and go do something else while it did its thing.


we have a really big stainless steel filter set/funnel for sales. it holds about 200 liter of ethanol at a time and is set for vacuum and bottom outlet drain. you could probably filter 200+ liters per hour in this unit


G@tare Glad it’s working out. You should be fine building your cake by sucking your slurry through the top. Just go slow. I don’t do it this way as I really like to see my cake to make
Sure there is no separation or cracking.


I was just looking at the XL. Looks awesome - wonder if anyone has given it a go yet? Love that the entire system is jacketed as well!


So you have inline filter action even with the alumina? Can you pack that can like you would a Büchner funnel? Where do I get one?


Where do I get one?


Yes. I only use inline pressure filters. They are super simple to build and can be used in several ways. Make a CLS and instead of packing flower pack filter media. Use positive or negative pressure.


Build your own. Please build your own. The mark up is crazy. @tare how much was your filter? Mine cost maybe $700 BVV charges over $1k for the same thing plus my valves and attachments are much higher quality. You can buy everything you need to make one jacketed or not. It is harder to find a jacketed 8x12 but you can do 2 8x10 from stainless steel express instead!! Oh yeah all my gaskets leaked the clamps were shitty and so on. Please for the love of Christ build your own :rofl::joy:


See right now I’m doing the ol dunk then fuge. I was thinking one could have their amount of material to ethanol in the bags w proper flow rate and stick in a column and blast over. Do you think this is more effective? Positive or negative pressure? I use pumps. I already use all inline filters. So why not make the whole thing. Any suggestions where to start?


How much for the old one?


I wish I had the skills or the time :sweat_smile:


I totally understand my friend!! I was just pulling your chain a little. Its far better to spend the money when time is limited and you’d rather not deal with the risk associated with self assemblies! I’ve had several self made things fuck up which made them far more expensive then turn key in the long run lol. The BVV XL unit is the only one I’d buy from them, but the volume of your catch pot is undersized for the throughput of the filter. You will end up unloading that thing constantly. For the price of the BVV XL and given that I’d have to constantly be emptying the collection vessel Id rather hit up @Lilibel and snag a jacketed pressure filter from Beaker&Wrench with the pump (you’ll need an air compressor) It is Peer reviewed which for me is a must being on the legal side of things :wink: and fast. You can use drums, kegs, buckets what ever you like to collect your filtrate which will save a ton of time and possibly money!


Thats what I do for all my smokable products. Good ol CLS for ethanol. I take out my filter socks and toss em in the fuge, add that spin out to my bulk pipeline and proceed to post processing. Glacier Tanks has a wide selection of SS tri clamp fittings and parts at very reasonable prices. I went the 6" route.


Thanks for the recommend mate!


for the 6x36 jacketed column, reducer, valves, top, fittings, and gaskets around $1000. The filter was around $700. As far as packing my columns for filtration I make a slurry of what ever media I want to use then using my pump I suck the slurry through my pump and into my filter. AODD pumps are very well suited for such tasks.


You are very welcome!!


My filter was about $800, but could have made it cheaper if I didn’t include the top filter plate. I am thinking of trying to run it without the top filter plate, because it blocks the view of the sight glasses.

It does help with distributing the liquid, so it’s not driving holes in the filter cake, but i was thinking if I adjust the top valve so its spraying slowly, maybe it won’t be needed. I was also considering a lid with shower head on bottom instead of top filter plate.


@Jay-TL thank you for the recommendation; just a minor clarification: the unit is PE stamped (Ace is a California licensed mechanical engineer).


Ahh my bad totally meant PE approved. PE approved - peer reviewed they rhyme so I’ll blame the confusion on hat lol.


No worries! PE approved yes indeed. A lot of calculations went into the unit and we chose 8" because it was maximum size we could safely use those pressure clamps on.

We’re looking into doing a larger unit with bolts :smiley: