Comparing vacuum filters


You guys have some sweet gear!


Are those two columns set up like that in order to stage the filtration? How fast is that setup?


Depending on what I’m doing I either stage filtration or do a CLS Ethanol extraction. I can use the large jacketed column to Dewax or run live resin by running LN2 through the jacket. When I use the large column to extract I use a 75 micron filter sock with a 25 micron mesh filter below the column and a 3 micron with Celite 545 and AC in the smaller column. If everything runs smoothly I can get 10-15 gal/hr with the small column. Sometimes I will stack another 6x12 on top of the small one and do 10 microns with Alumina oxide. When I use both columns to filter I can get 20+ gal/hr.


@Speedofgreen That sounds awesome. It’s much more fun to design and create something if you have the know how and time. Good price for one that size also.

@coppertop Thanks for the posting the sketch. It’s easier for me to visualize how the pressure and flow works. That would be nice if you could use standard keg parts. I need to look into the different parts readlity available.

@Jay-TL That setup is really nice. I bet that saves a bunch of work with filtering it all in one step. Do you still stick the material in a centrifuge? I’m interested in how good the fluid pumps work, I saw Beaker & Wrench sells a positive pressure filtration system using a pump. Looks really nice, but more than I want to spend right now, although I want to get something that can be upgraded in the future. How much faster is it with positive pressure compared to pulling from a keg with sealed lid and vacuum?


It’s much easier doing it all in one. I’m getting faster speeds with positive pressure but not able to fully kick it in to high gear until my stainless steel sintered filter plates come in due to paper filter blow outs under high pressure. The Beaker & Wrenchsetup seems dope. With a license it’s probably easier to buy it from them do to the engineer stamp of approval. I do use a centrifuge to spin dry the filter socks after pulling them from the closed loop rig but I am building a heat exchanger to heat nitrogen gas and help purge the column of remaining ethanol.


I found these kegs available from quite a few places online.

Would something like this work for a keg to feed a pressurized filter?
I’m not familiar with how the ball lock fittings work. Do they open the line once pressed down onto the posts in the lid?


Yes, that’s how ball locks work. Be warned they get clogged easily. Of course those kegs are adapted with tri-clamps, so you can put whatever connection you want on them.


Check out @usalabequipment rhey have some sweet 50 and 100l stainless kegs with dip rubes and valve etc. the 100 is on wheels so rhat nice especially if rhat the end if the kine wheel it to your roto and hook it to the dip tube. For 500 you cane beat it and rhere customer sevice is the best ive ever dealt with in years in rhis industry


I’ve uses the N.B oler, the hochstrom, the beakers and wrench and the belart 24 inch bench top. I can safely say nothing beats surface area. I love the 24 inch belart. It’s the fastest filter I have. I filter into a 15 gallon drum ( I’m winterizing 5 liters at a time). If you filter into a drum DO NOT PULL FULL VACUUM or your shit will implode. Not joking. Be careful. I use a shitty diaphragm pump and leave the vacuum hose loose so it cant pull too much vac. You could do this with a 55 gallon drum too


I read quite a few people had problems with the filter paper not sealing good because the holes on the plate don’t go right to the edge. Did you have any issues like that? I’m not sure if it was the fixed plate or removable plate that was having problems.


If you pre wet the paper you wont have that issue, or use silica.


I’ve collapsed a 55gal drum with a hand pump. they don’t handle vac well at all.

Beer kegs on the other hand seem to take 29" Hg without complaint. Haven’t asked them to take 50microns deliberately, but I’ve certainly hooked up pumps that were nominally rated for that.


I saw Best value Vacs added two new refinement filters to their site.

This 5 gallon filter has a interesting design. The spool is 8in x 24in. I’ve never seen one that is that tall, I’m wondering why they would go that route, maybe so you can put a bunch of liquid in at once and let it do its thing? The only thing is if you were using a filter aid it would be a pain to scrape the surface off once it starts to plug, being so tall it would be hard to reach in. The sintered filter disk is nice though.

Also this extra large filter is pretty cool, has a jacketed spool and large collection chamber.


@Jay-TL @cyclopath I’m thinking about putting together a sealed filter. I see some of the sealed funnels have three valves in the lid, but not sure what they are all needed for. One would be for in-feed liquid/pressure, and another to release pressure, but what is the third for and is it necessary?

I was picturing at first using only vacuum to pull unfiltered liquid from a carboy and into the funnel and possibly using a pressurized keg in the future to push. Would this work okay with vacuum only?

Also, what are good places to look for parts sold in the states? I’ve been looking at Glacier Tanks, BVV, USAlab. I’m thinking of a 8in x 12in spool, and found most of the parts, but not the best options for a lid.


The three way laids can be setup and used how ever you want. I like having two of the 1.5” tri clamp holes setup as view ports. The one in the middle is usually my liquid in and I use the smaller 1/4 or 3/8” FNPT connections for PRV, Gauges, and pressure in/out. I like glacier but any of the pkaces you mentioned should have walkathons you want. There is also open source steel and plenty of others that I don’t remember the names. Should work, only m 1 way to find out.


Here is my creation so far. @Jay-TL Much thanks for sharing your design and ideas.

The spool is 8in x 12in. I went with a drop in style sintered filter disk that sits on top of the reducer bowl, and a standard filter plate with mesh screen on top to distribute the liquid better. I had to shop around a little bit to find good deals on the parts, but it was worth the savings in the end. I rigged up a old wire shelf that I had as a stand, but want to come up with something different at some point. The filter is much heavier than I anticipated.

I am missing a couple tri clamps for the sight glasses, so can’t test it out until Friday, but plan on trying it with vacuum only at first. I’ll let you all know how it goes.


Sweet that looks sexy!! Let us know how it runs!!


Have tou checked out the smokey lake maple syrup filter, exact same design and feom what ive heard manufacturer of the pig filter but for only 1k


I have used the bel art , multiple hochstroms and table top filters. The bel art works great for first cut on bho but I never had success removing all the bs with just the bel art, did bel art and then freeze and hochstroms. But the bel art works great for a quick filter on our cold etho wash


Were you using filter media? If you use DE you shouldnt have that problem