Company Review - OregonCBD

Company: OregonCBD
Forum Handle: @seth
Owner/s: Seth and (Name?) Crawford
Years selling seed:
Minimum Seed Order:
-5,000 seeds
-1,000 per strain minimum
Seed Cost:
$1/ea CBD
$2/ea CBG

Strains Grown:

-2019 The White - CBG dominant, thc compliant
-2018 Sour Space Candy, Pineberry, Special Sauce

Location Grown: White City, OR
Years Grown: Two years, same farm.
Germination Rate: At or better than the 95% they assure

Every farm down in Southern Oregon that uses their seed, loves them. High CBD, high terp, good yielding plants. Well adapted to S. Oregon.

Their genetics are the shit, everyone knows it. That can lead to supply chain issues, which they haven’t been immune from. Web based sales, with big drop dates, have crashed their site and caused people to miss out on purchase opportunities.

They usually tend to release hot new genetics to recurring customers first.

Overall, if you are able to I suggest grabbing some of their stuff.
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Would love to see some pictures of The White CBG.

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Really interested in the RNA and Sour RNA! Can’t wait for them to release!

2019 CBG For Sale
Here’s a pic he posted a little while back


Wish there was some companies that would support small farms 1k seeds min. etc.



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Thats what the future is for! I remember a while back a bunch got together and put in a bulk order for a 3d printed panda spinner mod.

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We should definitely start a bulk seed buying thread


I hear there is a long line but I guarantee if we get a affiliate program we can push a lot of seeds so many people are asking for their genetics already

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Yes, their registration was down for me today but they were super fast to get me in their system manually in under 10 minutes. They notified me that sales should be starting next week.

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You guys do know that Oregon Cbd inc. is now selling CBG for 1.00 a seed@ minimum orders of 1,000 seeds for stem cell and white CBG strains … I’m new at the site but I believe I followed the thread correctly I hope it helps. Cheers[


I accidentally Shared the wrong link but you can follow it, to Catalog or purchasing

I think u read that wrong, i see 5k seed minmum order for them

Well we bought them the other day spent $10,000 5000 seeds on order and then I noticed on Instagram that the price had changed and then also my friend had asked me /partner do I want to get a full refund of money or have a $5000 credit. I said sure , credit. because we want CBD seed as well and I tried to post a picture but I can’t I’m new at this so forgive me for leaving any pertinent information out they tried to share a link but if you go there and look you’ll see for yourself or check out their


I may have miss read that but I believe there was still a $5000 minimum see the order but the price per seed had dropped; Apologize for the edits on paralyzed from the waist down from a work injury in my legs kicking messing up my reply and it just gets frustrating so cheers ; hope I didn’t miss inform