Cold Press Extractors

Any cold pressed crude extractors in the Colorado area? My connect ghosted, need cold pressed crude to process to t free water soluble for an EU beverage order.


Like how they make orange juice?


more or less, just on a much larger scale. the lab I was in contact with used a huge screw press with EtOH to increase extraction yield.


What’s the point of pressing it as opposed to spinning it or cooking it? What I mean is, how does this benefit your crude

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It’s certainly not superior in terms of yield. I believe as dictated by the regulations it’s the only truly ‘solvent-free’ extraction method. Regardless, still looking for someone reliable that can do this at scale. Will most likely just bring a screw press in house if I can’t find anyone

Are you saying they extracted with ethanol and used a screw press to recover the solvent? Sorry for the confusion.

From my understanding they extract it like sugar and basically rosin press it cold through two steel wheels… basically the things that make asphalt flat.

I’m not sure that this methodology will work for cannabinoids. Cold presses are used to extrude liquids from the plant that contain what we want. Cannabinoids just aren’t that easy to remove. Pressure alone will not do it, and I fear the end result of this process would be highly compressed, unusable, unextractable material. Rosin presses utilize heat to allow separation of cannabinoids from the biomass. I’m not even sure what you would pull from the plant aside from water and maybe a small amount of terps.

Who knows, though?! I may be 100% wrong and would love to learn something new! If someone has found success with this method, please share!

How can it be solvent free when they’re using EtOH?

I believe, actually, an oil expeller can do this. Especially if the material is preheated. If nobody figures it out by next year I’m planning to release a product along these lines.



This thread was enough to get me to stop lurking, so I could chime in…

I have been looking hard to find information on what happens to the terpenes during this process. Do they stay on the plant, or do they separate and float up out of the murky green depths upon sitting?

Does anyone have any before/after data that they would be willing to share?


Dm me I can get you in contact with an awesome lady who has some really cool expeller extractions and she can def help you out


So you’re saying cold-pressed rosin is a real thing that produces viable and predictable yields? Please tell me more…

The stuff is raw as raw can be and requires significant post processing cleanup but that’s sorta all I do.


Kickass! Haven’t seen anything like it on the market here in Oregon yet. Good bubble is about all we have here for “solventless”. If you ever feel like sharing more about the process, I am all ears!

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I know these guys are doing cold press with oil expellers. My understanding is they are pressing seeds (sunflower, hemp, ?) with the biomass for a carrier oil creating an instant tincture. The waste comes out as a pellet which is sold as animal feed.


I’d like to see COAs to prove their claims. Products seem a bit suspect to me.

Seems like a reasonably sound concept to me. Only produces an oil tincture. Different from what I was talking about, namely yielding a direct extract with heat and pressure.

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So the hemp seed oil expelled collects the cannabinoids as it is pressed/heated and collected… its an interesting idea for sure

Yeah very elegant in a way. I wonder what the efficiency is.

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My thoughts as well. Time of exposure to solvent (seed oil), temperature, amount of pressure, etc can all effect those numbers. They sell the extruded biomass as cattle feed. Anyone with GC feel like doing some testing to see what they left behind?

*it should be noted that any residual oils can foul the column, so proper cleaning and precautions should be taken if someone were to test it.