Cold crash and pour


I’m letting my fresh frozen 70/30 run sit on dry ice right now crystalizing and I’m wondering how you get your terms to pour off at that low temp. I’m planning on pouring off the terps immediately upon completion of the cold crash and I want to ensure the terps have been poured off before the solution begins to warm up and the crystals redisolve in the solution. My concern is that the terps will be far too viscous to pour off at that temperature and will rather just sit like a brick until it warms up. Does anybody have any experience with this?


How much solvent is in your mix? The Terps should be in the solvent still while the thca is a solid


This is a live resin run so there’s not a lot of solvent left. It was thick like honey before starting the crystallization process.


this applies at room temp but when at -70C the terps are super thick


Let warm up and pour them off fast!..take thca back to freezer, until your ready to move on


Alright so the terps themselves froze. I ended up just collecting the whole thing together. A little bummed but it’s super fresh and live so I’ll enjoy dabbing it either way.


So what do you do after you pour off the terps with the white thc-a layer? Thought ya had to evap a lil and cap it all for diamonds?


O ur talking about separation after the crash not cold crash?

After when it’s done if u did not jar and used pan that’s why doesn’t pour…

Also if u used jar and still doesn’t pour at room temp u didn’t dewax enough…if no 2ndstage dewax.blast cold and fast
Btw always pour ur terps at room temperature

U dont stick nothing but stones in freezer…

I thought you was trying to separate the cold crash before jarring when tons solvent left


I don’t think it is possible to do what I think he is trying to do. Sounds like he is trying to separate the terps right after the cold crash before the diamonds form. Not sure how you would form diamonds without terps in your solution or how you would separate just the terps before the diamonds form.


It sounds like you evaporated too much solvent before the cold crash. You could have easily poured the terp layer had there been a liquid layer of solvent bonded to the terps


It’s actually possible, me and @Otscc was discussing month ago when I was able to Crystallize cold crash globs before capping while in dry ice

And I’m almost 100% certain the terps are not needed to grow crystals…just helps tremendously group together better bc makes the solution thinner at lower temps…

I imagine u would have to up the heat some to keep thinner in the latter half but when the solvent is present the slow evap should do enough…

@Soxhlet do u concur? LMAO!


You can grow crystals without terps no problem, got some year old trim recrystlizing via jar now.
The solvent is controlling the saturation of the solution.


If his terp solution has solvent in it how can he pour off "just"the terps without pouring off the solvent?


You pour off the solvent/terp fraction and add new solvent to the diamonds/waxes/fats fraction


Couldnt you use a stainless syringe to remove terp layer so you dont pour off much thc-a? If doing so right after cold crash?


Sure, siphoning works great! I usually use a 2 pour system. One out of the jar into a pre chilled measuring cup and a final pour into the clean terp jar


Awesome thanks didn’t think of that.


U def wanna dry ice chill anything u stick in there, it’ll bubble like crazy if you don’t! If syphoning or spooning…I’d rather pour

If u pour slowly u can keep most the thcA on bottom

Although, if your cold crash looks like this it’s really easy to tell whats what and pour it!.. pour off, and do as u please…


Is that at room temp? I think he wanted to pour instant right outta the cryo


Had far too little solvent left to do what I was trying to do.