Coils and their functions

I’ve seen a lot of different CLS systems hoses together in different ways with different coils scattered around. I’m wondering what is the function of each coil? Is a secondary coil required when you have a coil inside your recovery tank? How are the coils inside the recovery tanks chilled??

I’m looking at buying this system with a coil mounted on the side of the rack in a stainless steel pot, and I can’t figure out for the life of me if it is supposed to be an injection coil or a condensing coil or if I should buy a 2nd coil and just make it an injection coil anyway…

Condenser coil - Used to condense solvent vapor for the purpose of recovery. This coil sits in regular ice water, assuming your using butane.

Injection coil - Used to chill solvent before it passes through your biomass. This coil sits in dry ice/alcohol slurry.


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Where a link?

So in the case of this system would you say that pot is for an injection coil? Seeing as there is no way to drain out the ice water each time it gets full.


And if so is a secondary condensing coil needed to compliment the coil inside the recovery tank?

Since theres no coil set in place in that little bucket, it looks like its meant for an injection coil. Injection coils will typically have both thw inlet and outlet parallel to one another.


Shouldn’t have any problem substituting on one of these then?? Or is that a stupid idea?

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Not a stupid idea, can never condense too much vapor to make it a bad thing and dry ice will never tske you too cold. Did u want to use it for a condenser or an injection coil?

Lol that’s the part I’m trying to figure out and if I need to add another condensing coil to the system if I do decide to use it as an injection coil

Or if the coil in the recovery tank is sufficient enough

Use an injection coil. Best thing ever


Cool thx

Indeed it is, gives consistent temps , as the solvent in tank may not be evenly chilled, I have recently tested runs , same process with and without injection coil,
Injection coil runs came out much clearer, now its permanent part of my process
I have no way to tell the exact temp differences, it can’t be much more than 20 degrees I would think, idk , but the results are there


How many lbs of solvent can this smaller one chill?

The cooling capacity is more dependent on the temperature and the turbulence of the chilling fluid the coil is in contact with.

Are you planning on running with a chiller or using dry ice slurry?

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You really only need one coil. Use dry ice and alcohol slurry. Use it to inject and use it for recovery. keep it simple


Use acetone in the slurry


doesn’t need to be that cold