Coating candy with distillate/sugar

Looking for ideas on sugar panning a skittle or other chewy candy with distillate.

just melt lifesavers or jolly ranchers down and mix the distillate in, spraying is gross


I already do that with gummies. Unfortunately skittles lose their color when they melt. I am looking for a way to mix sugar with distillate and hard coat a skittle.

Try a speedmixer

  1. Buy Skittles.
  2. Separate each flavor then wash with water.
  3. Melt down and mix in distillate
  4. Reform them into skittle shape… roll into a snake and chop or something
  5. Glaze them with colored sugar syrup in panner.


Get a kitchen aid mixer.
Get some drinking alcohol higher the proof the better.
Mix ur cannabinoids with ur alcohol.
Pour sugar into kitchen aid and turn it on.
Pour tincture into sugar.
Get a fan blowing on it and mix it for 24 hours or until the alcohol evaporates.
Get it tested.
Formulate products with it.