CO2 CBDa Crystals 81% CBDa, .14% D9

Solvent-less process, CO2 extracted, here’s a pic and the COA. To my knowledge nobody has achieved a D9 compliant CBDa extract that is also crystallized, it’s pretty freakin awesome. Make offers in DM, but understand this is a slow process with low yeilds, so it’s going to be expensive!


I thought “compliant” meant <.3% total THC?

.74 THCA → .65 THC

.65 + .14 = .79% THC


That’s why it says “D9 compliant”- however levels are same as 95% of the flower/biomass for sale in the US- some states are still using pilot programs like my own, so sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. But it is “D9 compliant”

So, probably not actually.


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It’s compliant in states that don’t have Total THC laws. It’s “actually” legal there. Just like hemp flower that isn’t Total THC compliant. Again, that’s why I used the term “D9 compliant”, not “Total THC compliant” or “Federally Compliant”, none of which were coined by me. IMO this is a really awesome product that is unique and is also an accomplishment to lower the THC on a raw extract that has not been introduced to solvents, nor processed via chromatography. Our oils are usually over 3% THC, so we have been able to remove almost of 90% of the THC content whilst keeping it crystallized- and it’s over 80% CBDa…We’re excited- I bet Total THC compliant crystals are right around the corner for us, but in the meantime, this is pretty damn good.

Yeah that’s great, you’re definitely on to something. Too bad the process is slow.

I don’t totally understand how your product that is federally illegal should be considered a high value item because it’s a slow process. Then again I don’t know much about the hemp market other than it’s extremely unstable and changes dramatically, quickly.


Excuse the ignorance. Why is this cbda special vs isolate? What would someone be excited to use CDBA for? Not trying to be a douche (like I ever would be), but I’ve seen cbda listed before and never understood what people want it for?

I can see you’re going to continually criticize this.

If there is CBDa isolate, I missed it. CBDa a different cannabinoid than CBD- I’m not going to link a bunch of papers, but there was a thread about CBDa crystals a few months back. It’s usually a liquid and difficult to separate.

Mostly just curious about your logic.


Is there a market that’s looking for CBDa? I’m asking because I don’t know and have always wondered. Seriously. Not being a douche (at the moment).

There are some studies that show it’s more bio-available, there are some that say it’s more sedative, some use it to keep their carts from recrystallizing (despite the fact that in certain conditions it is a crystal), and lots of companies in the flower/extract market that offer CBD versions of craft THC extracts are interested in CBDa extracts. We have a client who is an MD and treats people with CBDa only and does not use CBD at all, so yeah there’s definitely a market. Plus the FDA hasn’t said anything about CBDa and it can also get past the ad bots on some platforms, and CBD can’t.

Interesting – thx for that!

Edit: And fuk those ad bots. Business kill joys.

Still making this?