CLS, CRC and Buchner Funnel

Hi, I’m new here and english is not my first language so please be tollerant! I have lots of questions regarding CRC and I read lots of posts but unfortunately I didn’t find the answers I was looking for or simply I didn’t understand what I read! Anyway, I’m an Italian farmer living in Barcelona, Spain, where I have a small indoor farm. Not illegal, not legaI, “alegal” for Spanish peoples and local authority. I wrote some questions in an other post here but there were too question so its better open a new post. If it a bad choice let me know. First: I need a strong “posts list” about CRC, something like “Only the strong sauce tek” but for CRC and Buchner Funnel applications. Thats my questions. Is it possible use Buchner funnel after an in line CRC? I understood that its better vacuum filtering before the CRC, right? Usually in the CRC there are a couple of 20 micron filter but I don’t think they filter waxes, fats and lipids. Am I wrong? I recently ‘trashed’ everything I had so to restart with new stuff, new setting and new tek. I’d like to buy a cls that has Buchner Funnel and in line CRC or is technical impossible? is it smart thinking to CRC for small batch (Fresh Frozen buds) for personal use? Also, is it possible run a small cls with a 6’ CRC? I mean do I need a minimum psi to run it inline? I was looking for BVV CRC column but not completely sure their prepackaged filters are the top. I have no idea about the media, I just know that Murphy Murri said to start with 50% T5 and 50% Silica. I’d like to join a Murphy class but actually there is no flights from EU. My actual list of “things to buy” actually consists of Terpenator by Terpp Extractor, BVV CRC chamber, AI oven with led, a new no fritted Buchner Funnel and new filter too (actually I have 0,7 micron glass fiber ones but maybe they are too tight). No idea about purchasing diamonds miner and filter media and their composition. My gol is trying to achieving top product, I’m not watching CRC application to change the color of some bad extracts. I just want to try to make the top extracts like jolly’s or Sano Garden. I have 5 years more or less to learn all well and be ‘ready’ when Italy Or Spain will legalize cannabis. So I’m here to learn basically and to be (more) prepared when I will have the honor to join Murphy Murri class or Dread Pirate Class or both. Soon I will have a legal lab in Italy, officially to work with Cbd. So I’m looking for safety equipment and I will use them in a safe lab not more in a backyard like in the past. Actually I produce buds and bubble hash dried with freeze dryer. Any advice about new lab setting and extraction setting are welcome.




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You are not, they are meant to hold the very fine particles of the CRC powder (generally a bleaching clay, sometimes silica) from actually reaching the sintered screen (which is intended as an "last resort filter). That said, I use 1 micron paper filters, not 20.

I don’t have time to answer your other questions, except to say you’re overthinking things a little, and a (paid) consult with a trusted member will set you straight very quickly.

I sure hope not. Gonna strip terps with that silica. Start with just B80 or W1, and then experiment with different adjunct medias. Get a feel for what bentonite clays do, and then consider adding silica.

Again, I highly recommend a paid consult. @Killa12345 can certainly outfit you with a cheap system.


You use 1 micron on top of your sintered disc?

Was always curious what everyone thought the best size was for the top of the disc

I do, not positive about others.

Also use a .2u cartridge after my sintered disc. That’s my true last resort filter.


That .22 flow rate :ok_hand:


That’s a sick filter. Where did you pick that up?


Yeah that’s dope. Want it!


ChemTek. Theyll be up on the site tomorrow. Had to test the flow rate first. They are NPT so that means the flow HAS to go through the filter. We do have lids with FNPT both sides from 1.5-6” to accommodate all systems.


What’s the damage on those bad boys???


How much is onna dem bad larrys @Waxplug1? Nice

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$80. They are reusable and the cylinder design is harder to clog than the flat disc type. While supplies last


What psi are you running? That flow looked amazing.

I’ll take one

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Unbelievable price man. :+1:




@Waxplug1 Looking on your website for these .22um filters. What section should I be looking in for these? definitely want to give it a test. thanks

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They’ll be up tonight. Latest tomorrow morning. Under the “custom” section

Check out what @Diamondalchemy posted. He caught a bunch of lipids using a .22 . No crc just cold tane and FF material


FUCK that’s hot

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That’s so fucking dope. Well done, I’m buying several minute they pop up

I love my cartridge from pall, but this looks even better to be honest.

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