Closing our extraction lab - everything must go

PM for individual details/photos. Closing down our lab and have a total lab’s worth of equipment for sale.

Item Model/Manufacturer: With each item
Current location of item: Lafayette, CO
Estimated lead time: Varies
Fulfillment: Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: Training available.

List updated 5/15/24

Brand Description
Apeks 2000-20Lx20LDU (CO2 Extraction System)
Across International SolventVap 10L
Across International SolventVap 10L
Across International SolventVap 10L
Yellowstone Yellowstone 200 LPH Film Evaporator System
John Ellsworth Flux FP-424EX S Series Stainless Steel Sealless Drum Pump w/ F460EX Explosion Proof Motor - 39 in. Tube
Novasep LLC Prochrom Hipersep Pilot HPLC System
Novasep LLC Prochrom LC150 DAC Column
So-Low Environment Freezer: So-Low Freezer Model C40-27
So-Low Environment Freezer: So-Low Freezer Model C40-27
So-Low Environment Freezer: So-Low Freezer Model C80-27
So-Low Environment Freezer: So-Low Freezer Model CH40-22
Pleasant Hill Grain Hippo No. 1 Hammer Mill with Air Conveyor

More precise information about each item as well as pictures and prices can go long way in helping you sell any of this stuff.

Does the Hippo #1 have a VFD or starter and how much would you want for it?

How much for the 55 sq ft HAL fume hood?

Call or text me at 7573722582, also interested in that hammer mill

I’m interested in a lot of this, but without prices hard to tell.

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Im pretty close to you and would love to swing by to check out the equipment, feel free to send me a PM with more info.

Sorry about that, didnt copy right. pricing added. Prices are OBO

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I’d kill for a lab with a view like that. Sorry you guys are closing down!


Why are you closing guys after having going that far? This is a very good set up.


We are just stopping the ingredient manufacturing portion - extraction, refinement, isolation. We are focusing more on our brand and product manufacturing. It’s just to the point where we would have to scale it up even further to be profitable with it.

Excuse my ignorance, but isn’t a 20L crystallization reactor too small to really make any sort of dent in a production environment in this industry? $40k for a used R&D scale device is a pretty tough sale when equivalent from Across International (new) is like $10k…and direct from China is like $4k.

You’d have to make something like 400kg of CBD isolate to break even on just the glassware, across something like 50-80 crystallizations.


the race to the bottom has killed off any point in producing hydrocarbon extracts for the most part.

hell even i just suggested to my boss that we dont bother getting our bho set up again until we have a fully functioning gummy and ice hash/rosin set up. we can get both setup for 25% of what a setting up our hydro carbon setup again would cost. especially when we can get decent live resin for $1/g and retail it all day for $10


CDO-28 still available?

@durr True, even here in Africa, the market for both the concentrates and edibles is very limited. As for our company, currently we have over 250Kg of CBDA concentrate but we are struggling moving it. This side no one is pursuing value addition so far. I am seeing the price of this commodity falling tremendously in the future.


I am interested in the Black Hawk MTA Tech Mini 10s. Check your dms

extracts to-begin-with are a more niche product. the average person who smokes weed every once in a while or even like just on weekends isnt going to dab regularly.

the people traveling around with family or friends arent going to bust out rigs.

honestly the market is going to be dominated by edibles/consumables and vapes, with prerolls following and then flower and then dabs last. so if you guys are just starting in africa i would definitely focus on dominating that market first and then introducing dabs last once you guys are more than profitable already.

but what do i know


Edibles and vapes are made with extracts.

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