Closing our extraction lab - everything must go

yeah and there will always be labs supplying the product in bulk…

also didn’t say not to do it at all…

just said if i were starting out in a new market, i would let the other people fight over the small extract market until they kill each other off meanwhile i would setup my consumable operation and get that all going, then eventually set up our own production lab down the line.

but again, what do i know

What size is the booth?

Blue River Terps is an example of a company that focused on making extracts and has expanded and grown from there.

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To where? I no longer see their products in Florida anymore.

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They moved to Massachusetts

I think this is a typo?

buddy are you dense? did i say it hasnt been done? or did i say what i would personally do if i was starting in a new market?

lol…someone needs a dab.


14’ wide, 25’6" long, 9’2" tall

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I’ll get back to you on an offer.

That’s just like your opinion man.


Any mantles still available? Sent A PM

Are the So-Low freezers available? If so price on them all?

That co2 machine available?

List updated to reflect what I still have.


DM us if you need help getting more eyes on your equipment. We have a big network of producer/processors in the cannabis/hemp industry. Most of what you have is stuff buyers have recently asked for.

Call/text if thats easier too, 425-358-0425

I was unhappy with my purchase from this equipment list. The chiller I bought from them had broken wheels, an inaccurate temperature probe, and didn’t get to the temperatures it is supposed to or that the other chillers we have that are the same make and model get to. I tried talking to them, but as soon as I pointed out the issue, they stopped responding. Measuring the temps of the output, the used chiller only gets to 6C in the output (the probe says 14-20C) while its supposed to get to -5C. Now I’m stuck repurposing this chiller, which is isn’t even as cold as a bucket of ice water, until I can repair it.

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