Closed Loop Recovery

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In a closed loop system, can tane/R600/R600a be recovered and circulated with a standard A2 refrigerant recovery machine or is a A3 (flammable) refrigerant recovery machine recommended?

Appions evil cousin

Well given that Butane, Propane and Isobutane are all flammable, which one do you think is the right recovery pump.


Pretty sure you can acquire these in godzone too


As long as there’s no oxygen, you’re good. Sparks wont do anything ignite the gas without it.
…But that’s a little sketchy.

Using that equipment. My main concern would be the oil in the machine contaminating. As well as any gasket material breaking down

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Devils advocate :innocent:


I agree I should just run a A3. But the features that have been added to a A3 machine for example are like explosion proof switches and oilless compressors ( which a lot of A2 machines already have ) are not in my opinion significant changes. Providing no leaks and a well evacuated system, a A2 machine should be applicable?

Basically I’m trying to see if it’s common practice to use a A2 over a A3

I haven’t seen that style before, I like it. But it is still only rated for A1 and A2 refrigerants.

I’ve been running into this a lot and surely there is very minimal difference between a machine like this and a A3 machine.

Thank you. Yes I have been strict with no leaks and a well evacuated system

It is a oilless compressor so once I have flushed the machine I should have issues?

I will also be running a filter drier on the inlet and outlet of the machine.

Yes I think you will be right about the seals and gaskets then reacting and breaking down. Leaving me with the option to buy new or recondition the one I have currently

In the US it IS rated for A3 class refrigerants.

TRS21 | Sparkless Ignition Proof Recovery Machines - CPS Products Inc.


Minimal difference can easily be the difference between a safe run and no one present ever getting to extract again (because they either died or are in jail for blowing up wherever they were extracting). It’s never worth it to compromise on safety just for the sake of wanting to extract, imho. You life (and the lives of those around you) are worth more.

That being said, @cyclopath’s research and advice are usually spot on and worth listening to.


Despite the fact that he set himself on fire (again) this morning?


That doesn’t count! You weren’t extracting! You also damn near cut your finger nail in half, too. I still explicitly rely on your advice (very regularly) for additional levels of safety and protocol in the lab!


there’s this one too which I’ve had my eye on this one for a few years even though I run passive and 1/2" recovery but I always feel it’s not a bad idea to have a recovery pump on stand-by.


I am biased because I prefer passive. However, if you’re dead set on using active I suggest running passive until you produce enough profit to purchase a pump designed for r290, r600, r600a. The cmep-ol upgrade is maybe the cheapest most basic option. Sure trs21 exists but forget that noise.

Try passive with 1/2" lines or 1.5 triclamp vapor path feeding a tube in shell condenser. Maybe preheat the solution before it hits the boiler. Spray the solution against the top of the walls of the boiler instead of dropping it down the center to form a pool. Some choose to recover into the diptube or bottom of the recovery tank to use the already condensed liquid as an additional condenser. This all works active or passive but try both.


Passive rules and pumps over time will add contaminants and get gunked up. I have taken a few of my TRS21 apart and decided pumps are not for me. Plus the noise is aggravating. I don’t see myself going back to active again. I think many just assume active is the best. I run dual recovery with 1/2" lines and I recover fast until near the end. All dry ice and no 100k chiller is used LOL.


I use a temp probe and iso bath gets below -670c


Making me miss running my little system….


I see you guys also like to live dangerously

Adrenaline beats caffeine anyway lol


Run passive

For extra cool points get a piab and a compressor to aid in pumping and dumping nitrogen