Closed Loop Design Contest....

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So I’m going to start a contest. Whomever gives me the best ideas and most valuable input on this CLS I am trying to piece together will win an HP SFF I5 tower with 16 gigs of ram and a 1tb SSD harddrive. Let the games begin… OK first issue. How do i or can I set this up so I’m never disconnecting any hoses to run the vacuum or to recover the butane?? I’ve enclosed a pdf of the parts that I have or will have shortly… I envision two material column 3 x 18 and a dewax column that is 3x24. I have two coils, two vacuum pumps, a seive that is being built, a collection pot… I am wanting this to be a table top system and have three of those tripod type stands which is why the bottoms of the cylinders are flat… More to come… DM or post. Ask away guys… I can post more answers to your questions later!!! LOL May the best man or woman win!!!


Lol gotta offer up more than that boss man. That’s like a 400$ computer


I believe a 3x24 dewax column will be inefficient for the amount of tane needed the use the 3x18 column. Either a larger dewax or smaller material column. Thinking smaller material column will be the cheaper route


This is it fam


Honestly just check out how people run on here. Dont need to reinvent the process. Just my thoughts :v:


Only difference ia yours is on a stand.

3”x 24” rack mounted material column with separated 8”x 10” collection base and 4"x24" Dewax vessel•




this works pretty good for not disconecting any hoses, full mantifold and n2 assist -80c chiller and acetone for blood!


Well if a free $400 tower doesn’t float your boat I can customize a pc tower like this one.

I did a DIO one in red lighting for my other son. Lol. But it’s not the price amigo it’s the comradeship and having fun seeing what the brain trust can come up with. We got three days to fart around on this lol.


I’ll take the $400 cash. This is 1-2 hours of work, maximum. You’ll also need to provide more information.

How does $100/hr sound?

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what’s the purpose of these smaller cylinders and clamps?

I looked for info about that on BVV but they seem to be updating their site currently.

I think there’s filter in each one and it’s lined up in a certain order from biggest to finest, though I’m not entirely sure on that.


What kind of vacuum pumps did you get? You need a vacuum pump and also a recovery pump. It looks like you want to place one of your pumps before the material columns but neither of those pumps can be placed there. Also the coils should go after the pumps so you can chill the vapor stream.

Can you give us a brief rundown on your intended SOPs

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Based on your questions and designs purposed I highly recommend that you do not build this. Im not trying to insult you, but you absolutely need to have a lot of backround info to do this and not blow your self up. The stick drawing you provided along with the basic questions youve asked tells me that you might be missing critical process information that could easily result in dangerous outcomes.

With that said, Valve Manifold, Vacuum connected via swaged QC to ball valve to vessel ported manifold, no pump between solvent and material, one vac, rounded bottoms always, make sure your fittings match perfectly, everything needs pressure gauges and PRVs ported outside, and spend the extra money on good clamps, bolts, nuts and gaskets. Oh yeah, and remember to absolutely not do this.


Two Zeny 3.5 CFM single stage and a Axiden 2021l

I have two Robinair RG3 Twin-Cylinder Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine as well.


The mini Icarus looks pretty good now.

Just buy from @Killa12345 and you’ll already have the most efficient rig for the $, I’m sure he has pieces to go custom too

You can DM me for where to send the PC thank you😊