Cloning/taking cuts

Me and a friend took some cuttings off 2 plants, 2 off one and 3 off the other.

Cut at angle, shaved them off, split 2/5 in total, and dipped in clonex then dropped in cup of water with perlite and soil in it. I have rockwool for when they start to root.

I have 1 in my tent and 1 in my windowsill. Am I doing everything right?

I’ve always had better luck putting the cuttings straight into a plug or rockwool. Just my $0.02


Never split them.


??? You have a cup full of water and soil???

This all seems way wrong to me.

Take cuts
Dip cut ends into rooting powder
Stick in rw cube, or rapid rooters, like I used to use
Lightly water
Stick under a light and wait till roots pop

You may have to use a dome for the first couple of days.


This is a good resource imo


Hopefully this helps & gives some insight on costs for it as well.

Cloning steps & materials


  • [ ] 1x1 rockwool cubes (I prefer grodan) or you can use coco starter plugs like floraflex & rapid rooters but keep in mind they also come treated with a solution prior(grodan). $20 at desert star nursery.
  • [ ] 5.5-6 ph water for solution. $1.00 per 5 gallons at water dispenser (make sure to test your water supply!)
  • [ ] Fiskars Trimming pruners. $9 Walmart
  • [ ] 2 gallon container for holding solution & clones while transferring snips to cubes. (I’m sure we all have something we can use at home)
  • [ ] GreatWhite Mycorrhizae, Orca concentrate, King Crab concentrate. (So it only cost $46 I think for what I ordered which was the 4oz mycorrhiza powder, & a small bottle of Orca to try out, they threw in the King Crab free.)
  • [ ] Agtonik AGT-50. (Contact retailer for pricing)
  • [ ] 1/2 tsp measuring spoon. (Hopefully we all have one, if not just grab a set from the store for $1-$2.
  • [ ] Humidifier capable of keeping area for clones at 99% relative humidity or clone domes ie easy cloners from floraflex. (Mines the one from the baby section at Walmart $37).
  • [ ] Trays for holding clones/medium starters & vermiculite base. $4.99-$60.
  • [ ] Vermiculite( I use black gold brand). $4.99
  • [ ] Aloe Vera gel concentrate( if you need instructions for this I’ll be posting a type up shortly). $20 a plant at desert star & you can continue to grow it for use.
  • [ ] 4” fan (Walmart has these they’re usb plug in) $4.
  • [ ] USB multi port plug in $4.99-$20.(depending the amount of plug ins for usb)

(Those who use some setups can utilize the vermiculite tip as well. But all prep is basically the same).


  • [ ] Set amount of cubes needed to the side & prep a container or bucket large enough to soak however many cubes needed.
  • [ ] Use warm or room temp (75-80f) water at 5.5-6ph for solution to pre soak cubes in.
  • [ ] Use .5ml King Crab per gallon of water.
  • [ ] Use .5ml Orca per gallon of water.
  • [ ] Use .5ml Agtonik AGT-50 per gallon of water.
  • [ ] Use 1/4-1/2 tsp of Great White mycorrhiza per gallon of water.
  • [ ] Homogenize solution together with bubbler stone of hand mix till solution dissolved myco.
  • [ ] Add in cubes or starters.
  • [ ] Soak for 2-20 minutes.
  • [ ] Pull cubes/ starters & squeeze lightly to drain excess moisture/solution from them & set aside.
  • [ ] Place the trays into area in sections for allowing for placement of fans for airflow to vermiculite & to root zones.
  • [ ] Fill trays with fresh vermiculite, enough for a 2-3” layer evenly spread across the tray.
  • [ ] Top dress vermiculite in trays with GreatWhite mycorrhiza evenly dispersed covering a majority of the top area. (Salt bae that ishhhh, they sell the sample size with a shaker lid that works perfect).
  • [ ] Place cubes into trays at even spacing or butted together to allow for maximum clone space in tray. (Make sure to place hole side down to poke new hole with snip in starter medium).
  • [ ] Sprinkle 1/4 tsp of mycorrhiza a top starts.( yes each & every last one!)
  • [ ] Set area for 99% humidity or place domes on trays till ready to plug clones into starters.
  • [ ] Now use the drained off water if you used rockwool ( if you used coco you’ll need a new batch of soak solution for the clones being snipped) & take clones between 12-18” tall (preferably with a node directly above where you’ll be snipping by 1” atleast to allow a steady firm insertion into the starters).
  • [ ] Defoliate all fan leaves up to the last top set ( can choose to snip tips or not, I personally don’t & don’t see a increase in growth).
  • [ ] Set snipped & prepped clones in soak solution & transplant into starters within 5 minutes. Longer will result in bulging clone stalks from absorbing to much solution.
  • [ ] Plug clones into starters towards the corners of each starter to allow for easier breathing to the counter of the stalk(remember roots like o2 & moisture!)
  • [ ] Drench each cube after all are plugged with soak solution to drench mycorrhiza on top of starters in. They foliar fresh clones with it as well.
  • [ ] Seal up area/tent or tray with dome & place fans on each end to allow air flow to starter zones.
  • [ ] Leave under direct light set at 21/3 or 18/6 light cycle.
  • [ ] Check root zones in 4 - 5 days.

Thank you. Also dumb question but me and the friend put the mother outside as its too old and we want to just see what happens, i took more cuts off, would it be safe to put said cuts from the outdoor back in my tent? Its been 4 hours ish

Also i just have rockwool and clonex. Should i dip the cuts in clonex then put in rockwool


I think 4 hours is fine, you just want to make sure not to bring pests back in.


Use this with straight water & grow massive roots put into soil, profit?


Aero cloners are the shit.

I have a clone king 36


Thats what im worried about bugs but its been 4 hours so i think im fine

That would be fine for sure.

Imo tho, the rooting powders are great, and you can pick em up from home depot


Grab Castile peppermint soap, add 1oz to a gallon & set up for a pre soak. The peppermint will make the pests leave the cuts if they’re on it. (I would also use on guard from doterra)


I got clonex for rn. All i got:/ i put 3 indoors into rockwool just now

Do i water?

I have neem oil.

Did you soak your rw cubes in ph’d water?


No i will do it rn thanks. Should i water them right now

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I personally stay away from neem oil as it can stay around & if one were to use it late in veg early flower (for saving harvest sake) it will linens up in the concentrate made from said harvest.


Slow down.
1 soak rw cubes in 5.8-6.0 water. 30 minutes.
2 pour off excess water.
3 cut plant
4 dip plant
5 stick cutting in rw next to the pre-made hole not in it.
6 mist cuts and inside of dome
7 put under low light on seedling mat


Neem oil is systemic, and in my opinion not something I would really use on something I intend to consume, or ignite. It’s great to use on things like orchids, and other ornamentals. However I would shy away from spraying it on your weed.
I’m not sure what other’s opinion is on it, but that’s where I stand when it comes to Neem.