Citric acid melting my gummies?

So I’ve been using citric acid in my gummies and each time I’ve used this, it has melted my gummies alittle. I’m pretty sure I’m using more then I should, but this last time I just coated them with it and it seem to still melt some of them slightly. Anyone ever had this problems? And is there alternatives? Or should I just use less?

Read the gummy thread chico.


Could be too much water in the formula, pH problems, or the sour coat formula you are using. Gummy thread should have most of the answers.


Add small amounts of corn starch, liiiiight dusting on molds, small amount added to coating mixture every time u sugar a new batch. Use a combination of citric and tartaric as well could help.

Do u live in a high a Humidity area?


Yes try buffering with sodium citrate. If u can measure pH for each trial so you can know the proper conditions. Takes a lil R&D, but well worth it.

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Michigan so definitely is humamid but i believe it to be drier since the winter. I have just been leaving them out maybe a dehumidifier would help. So basically it could be a PH issue eith too much citric? I’ll try balancing this next batch.

Are you using pectin or gelatin for your gummies?

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In my experience with gelatin, water content needs to be spot on. Also, the “strength” of gelatin you are using could be different than what the recipe calls for. I know theres silver, gold, and platinum gelatin products and that’s just for the sheets of gelatin. If you’re using sheets, I’d try adding 1-2 extra in the recipe, if you’re using powder, maybe another 3-5g and see how that goes. I haven’t heard of citric acid effecting gummies like that, if anything i’ve heard that adding citric acid at the end brightens the flavor and encourages the setting process, but I’m more familiar with pectin-based gummy production.


Knox gelatin actually. I use 3/4 of a cup of water and 6 packets. The gummies are quite chewy, although I used to add only 4 packs and never had too much of a problem like this. I let them sit for about 2-3 hours I wonder if that could be the issue. When using citric I tend to add probly 4x the recommended dose so this next time I’ll try less and more time setting.

What % of the total formula is water and what % is sugars?

Temp you’re cooking sugar portion up to?

1 cup sugar, 6 packs gelatin, 1/4 of corn syrup, table spoon of citric acid, a packk of iello mix, 3/4 cup of water.

And honestly I get it to a boil wait 2-4 mins min and then pour. I try to keep like medium heat on house hold stove.

We throw them on a dehydrator for 8-12 hours after popping them out of the molds. I am in Michigan too and we dry them to the point of being crispy…


Damn so your able to dehydrate those within 8-12 hours? I might have to get me one of those!


Citric acid is hygroscopic. If you coat your gummies with a sugar mixture containing citric acid, it will absorb moisture and cause the sugar that it is mixed with to dissolve.

You need to use an encapsulated citric acid to keep it from absorbing moisture. Makes a world of difference.

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I found Malic acid to be a nice sour coating and it’s also less hygroscopic than citric.


Tartaric acid or malic