Chlorophyll removal from RSO?

I have tried with celite with no luck but never with activated charcoal. Maybe thats the key?

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Celite does absolutely nothing to a solution except act as a physical filtration media. It does not have the same mode of action as bentonite or activated charcoal, the main principal to be observed with those two media is ADsorption. These types of media can remove particles that have been totally dissolved in solution.

Celite 545 is meant to be used for depth filtration to remove solid particles that either wont dissolve or cant dissolve in the solution.


What about short path? Is it really RSO anymore?

I will have to try LLE but we dont yet have everything needed to get set up for that.

Rso is crude in its crudest form, you may get slight amount of nutrition from the pigments if you leave them in there but the real active ingredients are the cannabinoids and terpenes.

I’ve heard a thousand times that there is some magical factor attributed to rso that other extracts dont have but frankly I think its bullshit. The actual benefit from eating rso and all other cannabis extracts comes from the cannabinoids and a liquid/liquid extraction will only further concentrate the active compounds.


My thoughts exactly. Only thing that might make RSO different from other extracts is maybe there is a kind of entourage effect with a full plant extract. Higher terpenes? Other antioxidants that are not cannabinoids? Like you said maybe some vitamins and minerals but It all seems like small potatoes compared to the health benefits seen with the cannabinoids.

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Yes and often times your body cant absorb things like chlorophyll extract unless its dissolved in a liquid carrier that can help disperse the contents of the extract before you ingest it. Otherwise your body likely wont be able to absorb it fast enough and you will just shit it out.

Working on a batch right now trying IPA like beaker mentioned it mostly used to be made that way figured I’d give it a shot and see what the results are like… so far just as I expected lmao



Filter pucks work better than scrubs? Oh fuck man, you just saved me time if that is true.

Thats not what @Akoyeh is saying
Using pressure 45psi to 60 psi in my case works faster than pulling a vacuum (15psi)

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Thanks for clarifying.

Cool. Sticking with scrubs over filter cakes then

Just do a 4 min room temp wash with190-proof, strain with 190 micron bubble bag, rotovap, decarb oil.

That’s RSO.


There have been found one flavonoid in thc cannabis that is very promissing for pancreatic cancer ad of aug this year


Scrubs work way better than pucks, if find correctly. But are more work.

Some people eat chlorophyll supplements… I think the point of RSO is to get everything from the plant in a kind of scatterbomb, non-western reductionist approach. Who knows how many beneficial components are removed in refinement so might as well get everything…


We decided not to try and remove any chlorophyll. We make it the traditional way according to Rick Simpson website using high quality indica flower only (as requested by customer).

Naphtha? Lol


No lol. 95% alc.

Better off using ever clear or 190 proof grain alcohol.