Chlorophyll removal from RSO?

Has anyone had any experience with removing chlorophyll from RSO?

i am pretty sure you can use light to break it down… this might just make it not green…

I have extensive experience with this. DM me if youd like some help doing it in bulk.
Light will also break down cannabinoids


Bring it back up in ethanol and run it through a AC and T5 bentonite puck. It is what I have used and it works very well. It also works better to push the solution through rather than pull it. Hope this helps.

I agree with @Krative, but the trick proposed by @YYCMMJ does work. Old school trick.


In my experience hydrocarbon remediation acheives a more thorough pigment removal job, but I only have limited experience remediating in ethanol

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seems like the light trick is like slapping lipstick on a pig…


Liquid liquid will remove chloraphyll, and it’s quick IMO then hydro carbon crc on a large scale


Gotta agree with you on that one.

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Any threat of also removing valuable material with any of these methods?

Search bar helps :grinning:


Carbon removes some cannabinoids. Personally prefer LLE with hydrocarbons


Thanks everyone!

What’s your LLE !?

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Haven’t done LLE yet, havent had too so far. Is there a link on this site to an SOP on this?

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Add back in etoh and use a buchner. Use celite 545 as a cake. Mix solution with activated charcoal. Pour and filter through buchner.

I have tried with celite with no luck but never with activated charcoal. Maybe thats the key?

Celite does absolutely nothing to a solution except act as a physical filtration media. It does not have the same mode of action as bentonite or activated charcoal, the main principal to be observed with those two media is ADsorption. These types of media can remove particles that have been totally dissolved in solution.

Celite 545 is meant to be used for depth filtration to remove solid particles that either wont dissolve or cant dissolve in the solution.


What about short path? Is it really RSO anymore?

I will have to try LLE but we dont yet have everything needed to get set up for that.

Rso is crude in its crudest form, you may get slight amount of nutrition from the pigments if you leave them in there but the real active ingredients are the cannabinoids and terpenes.

I’ve heard a thousand times that there is some magical factor attributed to rso that other extracts dont have but frankly I think its bullshit. The actual benefit from eating rso and all other cannabis extracts comes from the cannabinoids and a liquid/liquid extraction will only further concentrate the active compounds.


My thoughts exactly. Only thing that might make RSO different from other extracts is maybe there is a kind of entourage effect with a full plant extract. Higher terpenes? Other antioxidants that are not cannabinoids? Like you said maybe some vitamins and minerals but It all seems like small potatoes compared to the health benefits seen with the cannabinoids.

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