Chinese cart press (capper): who's white labeling for VapeJet, Convectium, etc.?

A friend told me the same cart press as the Squish-o-Matic from VapeJet was sold in the US before VapeJet started selling their white labeled press from China. All from the same Chinese mfg. And that the direct from mfg press was four to five times cheaper than the Squish-o-Matic.

He believes the CaptainH100 from Convectium is also white labeled by a Chinese mfg.

True/False? If true, does anyone know the Chinese mfg? I figured I’d ask before spending time on Alibaba comparing pictures, lol. However, now I think about it, Google’s reverse image search may speed up my efforts.

The answers you seek may be found with a little legwork - hints available below. I think I found the vape jet one in about 5 minutes. Did not find convectium in the same timeframe, but that doesn’t mean the info is not out there.


Thanks for the hint! :pray: :call_me_hand:

At first, I was like, WTF? Why give me a hint when it would have taken less time to tell me the mfg than to write your post? :thinking: :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:

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Then I found ImportYeti in your thread. It took a minute to figure out its purpose, but then, I was like, noice! And the proverbial light :bulb: appeared above my head.


For anyone reading this thread looking for the Chinese mfg, here ya go:

To help others when searching Future, I’d recommend changing the thread title to describe the thread’s content and purpose better. For example, I would have found that thread and not created this thread if it was titled, “How To: Identify Chinese white label mfg of your green taxed equipment.”


100% that is the manufacturer for the Squish-o-Matic 1000.

We custom order from Dihairob and land them in the US. We then tear them apart, apply thread-locker to every screw, PTFE tape and tighten/inspect the hydraulics, and then re-package and apply our support / warranty / spares stocking process.

We currently have some non-SoM branded presses for sale through a 3rd party at the moment. They ordered 6x of the un-branded units and never got to use them. If you are looking for a cheaper option for the same press (Without Vape-Jet Support / Warranty) contact and let them know you are interested in the generic cartridge press.

We have never hid the fact that the SoM1k is a white-labeled machine. The value-add comes from warranty and support services, along with the initial rebuild. I actually insist that our sales team tell any prospective customer about this fact. (All other Vape-Jet systems are US built.)

If anybody orders direct, I highly recommend doing a re-build before use. A little elbow grease, some LocTite & PTFE tape, and these presses work quite well!


this is fact. the sales people definitely said that they ordered from china and branded it… Vape jet, are good people.


Thanks for your post! :pray:

It’s great to see a company that’s so open and willing to share information when they may not see any benefit. I must say I’m impressed.

I was already strongly considering the purchase of one of your Jet Fuelers instead of other options like a CartFarm CF-K4 or Thompson Duke MCF1. And your post most likely just earned you a sale and a new customer. :slight_smile: