Chilling ethanol prior to extraction

Hello everyone, first off i just want to say thank you and this is an amazing community of people.

I am helping to plan my first lab build out and beginning the consider the actual logistics of moving around solvent and and maintaining temperatures. So far I am planning to store ethanol in a -20C c1d2 walk in freezer and have a -80C chiller for the extraction. My question is should an ethanol tank be used to move the ethanol from the barrel/keg to a tank to chill down to -60 before being introduced to the extractor(planning on CUP 30). It would be trying to run the machine as much as possible in a day. I am considering the use of LN2 or LCO2 but am looking to keep consumables to a minimum. Any and all input is welcome.

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100 gal jacketed extraction vessel ($6400 from glacier tanks) hooked up to a chiller (you can fill at the end of the day to let chill overnight) then use inline heat exchanger with additional chiller to maintain temps when you reuse your ethanol.
For more volume double up!


Any recommendation between the brite tank vs the fermenter?

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Fermenter has the cone bottom which is nice. Depending on volumes needed the 100gal Ethanol Extraction Tanks

Not like this…

Kegs in a -40 freezer with ~10lb dry ice each…

Funnels come off after risk of boil over is gone…and freezer can then be closed.

This wee lass needs a jacket. Her big sister has one.


looks scary haha

Are you using spray foam to get a “jacket” around those tank you use?

Not in this implementation.

Those are “yeast brinks” aka modified kegs. They still have the bubble wrap from shipping on them right now.

The funnels are made from used Hobart mixer bowels, with triclamp (one is 4” one is 6”) ferrules tig welded on.

Makes putting the cannabis in the tube easier, and (new trick, that day) dry ice safer…

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What do you suggest for a chiller for this type of setup? Looking for make & model or a general guideline as to sizing. Thank you.

Something like this should do the trick. may not hold -80c but it should keep it cold enough.

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Not sure what your budget is, but I am considering the Mydax Cryodax units. They look promising but i can not say for certain since i dont have my hands on it yet.

Just received this

Considering my options, seems fairly affordable for the size compared to some other options I’ve see .

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delta separations makes a chiller… its $70K That was hard pass for me. freezer chest with kegs is way cheaper.

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Slow tho eh?

That’s an apples to oranges comparison though. That delta chiller is supposed to be able to cool like 2000 gallons a day. How many chest freezers would it take to do that? The space commitment alone would wreck that option.

I hear ya… just tapped out for now… another 70K and another 70K and another 70K…

160 gallon from 20 to -20 in an hour…

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I have an idea, not sure it’ll work. What if you were to use dry ice to gradually bring the temp of the etoh down then use nitrogen to push it thru a mol-sieve into whatever he’s using. …

Mom sieves generate heat when they absorb water- you can test if they are ready to absorb by putting some in your palm and throwing some water on top- they get HOT


Well now I know my idea won’t work.:sweat_smile:

Just stumbled on this - thanks for sharing our information ROWAN - yep, that’s our LN2 CryoChiller - you can learn more here:

If you contact us, ask for Bob - he’s the Chiller Product Manager.