Chillers for 400gal ethanol per day

I need to be able to get 400gal chilled down to -40C over the course of a 10 hour shift, 40gal per hour over ten hours, plus a chiller to maintain those temps.
EDIT more like 80 gal in an hour, I need to be prechilling two reactors I think for the workflow.

Looking to prechill solvent in jacketed reactors, then maintain those temps in a jacketed centrifuge
I am having difficulty figuring out which chiller use for this, and how many I will need.

The data on the chiller websites is hard to understand, I don’t really know how many watts needed to maintain these temps, been looking at the unistat 905w chillers.

looking at a 150L jacketed centrifuge for this, paired with two 150L jacketed reactors with agitators, diaphragm pumps to move solvent around.


If you wanna save $$ you can do it DIY in 2 stages.

First stage do it with a large AC style. Could probably be get a commercial sized one for pretty cheap.

Second stage use a high cfm compressor on an air accumulator co2 pump then run the expansion area into a brazed plate heat exchanger.


I can’t cut corners on this, as much as I like to DIY stuff this is a pretty big op with some wealthy investors who want to see this backed by a solid dependable system, not my bubbad together AC chillers.


Ah, makes sense lol. Guess I should’ve figured at those volumes. Don’t know much about off the shelf options

CryoDax units can handle this. See this page for data on times it takes to cool tanks of a given size for each unit.



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I’ve tried the heat exchanger didn’t work


What didn’t work with your heat exchanger? Can you not hook a dlsb 50/80 up to it and super chill…?

@Rowan needs some chiller advise and cryodax seems a good option

Called and spoke with an engineer there this morn, the mydax30 looks pretty great

I ran the co2 thru it and the etho and it just didn’t cool it down

Sent you a DM. you’re either looking at mydax with a long lead time, or I can set you up with a company building custom ethanol chillers for the industry. They are a team of engineers and make a great product, but its going to cost you…

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8-10 week lead time is fine by me, but I am interested

Oh yeah also g&d chillers makes good units that go down to -45.


It’s best to get it cold as possible with a freezer first then run thru chiller


get the big cryodax. they are solid.

I Second the Cryodax but I am biased.

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Do you think that is more efficient than running the thermal fluid through a jacketed vessel ?

I have seen their specifications and they look impressive. Do you know of any in the field that are performing as advertised?