Chiller Size Recommendation

Hey everyone, I recently picked up a new system and have seen conflicting opinions regarding chiller size. Below are the specs of anything jacketed, it would be greatly appreciated if you guys could provide some insight!
4x 4x48in Jacketed Material Columns
14x40in Double Jacketed Recovery
14x24in jacketed collection w/ 6x10in jacketed splatter platter

This is an active recovery system, my plans were to get a 45 litre polyscience chiller but at this point I’m not sure that it would be adequate. Any feedback is appreciated

What temperature are you looking to maintain and how quickly do you want it to be able to get to the desired temp?

Are you looking to mechanically cool your heat exchanger as well?


~ -25c is the target temp, we have a pretty large -80c freezer that I planned on prechilling the solvent (and material if fresh) in and additionally using an injection coil. I’m very new to using chillers/heaters and active recovery so I’m not sure what you mean when referencing a heat exchanger. As for time to get to the temp, preferably a reasonable amount of time? As stated I’m not that experience with chillers :sweat_smile: Thank you for taking the time to respond man, I appreciate it

The injection coil is what i was referring to as the heat exchanger.
Are you looking to chill your solvent tank as well?

I would put a chiller on your solvent tank and another to chill your columns and injection coil.

The Julabo FP-90 would be a great fit, and we have a few in overstock that we can cut you a deal on.

@midsfactory what chillers are you using?

i use the china DSLB chillers and a home made portable ac chiller

DSLB 80/30 pretty standard

Ohh, we are using dry ice and alcohol for the injection coil. Really not trying to spend 40k on a chiller, temps that low are unnecessary to me currently. Maybe it would make sense when switching to passive in the future but for now I do not see the point.

I’ve heard a couple horror stories about purchasing those systems, how has your experience been and what was the shipping time? also what are you using the home made chiller for?

so im gonna build one outta old window unit and see how it runs as sidd projext


I’m definitely interested in seeing how that unfolds! Went with what mids is using but got the 80/40. Paid out the ass on air freight but it can’t wait

As always you get what you pay for, I have this chiller in stock for half that price though.
Let me know how I can help in the future.

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i have Julabo FW95 (-95C) Chiller can let it go for US$12K


The 80/30 is like $8k I think and you can definitely find them in USA.

I use my home made chiller for my 20l rotovap

gotcha boss, I bought from a chinese supplier. Got the 80/40 airfreighted for $8500, was put into contact with the supplier through the people who manufactured my system. Hopefully it goes well, I have no issues with servicing it myself as long as they warranty the parts up to a year like they say. When everything comes in and I get a few test runs done I’ll be sure to drop the info to both suppliers on the forum somewhere. Going chinese definitely can save a lot of money, similar systems domestic cost 2-3x as much. Just hoping I don’t get shit quality goodies

You still have this?

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got sold today, i should be getting some chinese for -80 much cheaper, will let you know
if you are interested in Chinese

Chinese came it, they are -80C, 5KW heat removal, they are used, we will be testing all of them. They are $5K a piece with 30 days warranty. DL-5/-80 model manufactured Mar 2019 and were used for about 3-6months only. Shipping (not rural) $325 EST and CST, $375 MST and Far South and $400 PST liftgate +$50 if dont have loading dock or forklift. Rural areas can be a bit more for shipping.

What’s the 5kW rating at -80?

I’m sure it’s 5kW at 20C but if it’s 200W at -80 it’s basically a paperweight


its chinese, so numbers are always convoluted. i would probably assume it is 5kw at 20C too, it also says 1.5K and that could be at 0C. Julabo FW95 is something like 200w at -50C. this is the link for chillers Industrial Water Cooled Low Temperature Circulating Chiller - Buy Water Cooled Chiller,Industrial Chiller,Low Temperature Circulating Chiller Product on

So where are the ridiculous monster sized chillers? Like the one primo cannabis is using on the extractor @Dred_pirate & @SamuraiSam posted

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