Chiller recommendation for small BZB

Looking for a recommendation for a -60 5kw chiller to pair with a smaller new bzb system.

Huber is out of the budget and usalab and the like seem to be of lower quality and I don’t want to have down time and repair issues.

I am considering cooling the system with co2 to get started but an inexpensive and reliable chiller would be my first choice.



Julabo, Lauda and Huber are the big three. I’d check out Lauda!


I couldn’t find a Lauda that chills below -10

Here’s a -90

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MTA also an option. we have one in use on a BZB, very dependable


Thank you sir! Do you happen to know pricing?

Thank you!

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Is this bzb system going to be used for ethanol or hydrocarbons? If the former you definitely don’t need to get that cold and I’d emphasize cooling power over the ability to get really cold to maximize your recovery speeds. We use chill king units for our ethanol bzb. Don’t buy Huber overpriced unreliable junk

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Yeah very much not into Huber’s price tag.

I need power not .01 degree accuracy

Check out G&D Chillers out Eugene, OR. Their GD-7 has 6kW @ -40 and is under 50k.

Hit up ETS, they move a lot of the G&D Units!


Thank you very much!

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This doesnt exsist.


I would do this until ya got the funds for a big boi chiller.


the MTA or G&D dont fit this category?

By cheap i mean cheaper than a HUBER.

Has anyone had success with the bhogart dual refrigerant chiller?

I wouldn’t…If not getting a big enough chiller to handle the entire load…Do this…

Use a chiller to get to 5c and then use LC02 for the rest of you choose…Using LC02 to handle the entire load gets expensive fast…


do you have any suggestions for the smaller chiller?

It depends what recovery rate you’re trying to achieve. The calcs will confirm the right heater and chiller combination. Depending your gas blend, a traditional 5c (3-8tons) chiller will handle most of the load then using LC02/LN2/Smaller kW -40/-50 Chiller to handle the rest and maintaining temp on the recovery tank. Once gas is cold and condensed, it does not take much energy to remain that temp in a tank, getting there is the challenge. You’re looking at a two condenser setup in series to achieve this. I’d love to help more but I recommend contacting Extraction Tek Stainless and having one of their people set you up!

I’d also give fluid chillers in Lansing Michigan a call. We’ve been really happy with our air20000 ULT they sold us for cooling bulk ethanol


LAUDA Integral IN 550 XT

Is what Luda sent me when I made a response but the cooling output at -40 is only 0.5kw