Cheapest 190 proof ethanol available and then heptane denature available from providers

What’s BVV? They do totes?

1,190.00 for a tote before shipping and tax

call and ask for Angel, get a wholesale acct set up and let em know I sent ya.

As usual your the man

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I don’t think I saw these guys mentioned as a source:

Tax is included. Not sure if they ship. We pickup on-site and save they $80/container hazmat shipping.

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This is including excise tax? That’s just sales tax ya? Of how much does tax add?

$2046 total for a drum shipped to me

$27/Gallon Ethanol Tax

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Oh so okay not including excise tax. Then guys there at convention were cheaper. Interesting

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I recently got 5 gallons of 200 proof shipped for $320.

It may not be the cheapest, but it is competitive pricing, and distilled locally in Maine.

Prices on 190

Organic 190 Proof Food Grade Alcohol

55 Gallons @ $57/gal $3,135.00

Bulk 190 Proof Food Grade Alcohol

55 Gallons @ $43/gal $2,365.00

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Organic Alcohol has the cheapest food grade 200 proof I have found so far. $277 shipped for 5 gallons. Includes tax y todo.

If youre buying 190 proof is there any reason you dont go with denatured with heptane?

The drinkable stuff has a longer milage, the denatured stuff will have diminishing yields with continuous uses. The drinkable stuff can be reproofed really quick with molecular beads. The denatured stuff makes a three way azeotrope between heptane, water and alcohol, that isnt easy to remediate for continuous uses


Not a bad price

Feel free to inbox or reach out to me by email - for quality ethanol at great prices.
We have coast to coast distribution so lead time will be on point as well. We are a well established, experienced ethanol supplier that can help with any pricing, logistical or technical issues that arise.
If you want the service and care that comes with a company with resources and expertise in what they do, give us a call or send an email!

203-662-9761 EXT 332

so whats the cheapest denatured 5 gallon with shipping?

So who has the cheapest 55 gal drum of food-grade 200 proof currently?

Denatured Ethanol:
55 gal drum - $600(less if you scoop more than one at a time)
270 gal tote - $2,300

200 Proof:
55 gal drum - 26.68*55=$1,467.40 Federal Excise Tax plus cost of liquid, $500, total=$1,967.40
270 gal tote - $7,203.60 Federal Excise Tax of $26.68 per gallon - same across every supplier
plus $2,100 for the liquid. Total would be $9,303.60

190 Proof:
55 gal drum - $2,000 including fed excise tax
270 gal tote - Fed Excise=$6,844, plus cost of liquid=$1,900, Total=$8,744

All ethanol is food grade. Denatured ethanol is denatured with 4.7% heptane to avoid Fed Excise Tax. Above prices are negotiable with higher volume purchases. And we can, depending on location include shipping. Would just need to discuss details, if this will be a continuous order or just a one time. Thank you.

come on…you can do cheaper than that.

why is your 200 proof ethanol 55gal drum cheaper than your 190

ALL RIGHT COMMUNITY! Season is right around the corner. If you are paying for alcohol right now and getting shipped. Send me your invoices and 95% i should be able to beat. Im working with a FEW different alcohol suppliers and should be able to beat most prices out there.

I really cant believe really know one has really beat my prices on this thread and alcohol aint my strong suit


Hi @Killa12345. Appreciate the reply and competitive spirit. Just so you know our prices were including shipping. Also, the 200 proof is manufactured at higher volumes and sold at that same rate, so I’m I believe that is why. If you guys want good customer service along with great pricing call us. Thank you.

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Yeah, it is hella cheap as fuel.

I had to buy some ethanol free gas earlier this summer, and it was crazy expensive.

4.199 per gallon vs 2.549 per gallon for the 10% ethanol stuff.

gas_sign 199gas

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