Cheapest 190 proof ethanol available and then heptane denature available from providers

What’s BVV? They do totes?

1,190.00 for a tote before shipping and tax

call and ask for Angel, get a wholesale acct set up and let em know I sent ya.

As usual your the man

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I don’t think I saw these guys mentioned as a source:

Tax is included. Not sure if they ship. We pickup on-site and save they $80/container hazmat shipping.

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This is including excise tax? That’s just sales tax ya? Of how much does tax add?

$2046 total for a drum shipped to me

$27/Gallon Ethanol Tax

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Oh so okay not including excise tax. Then guys there at convention were cheaper. Interesting

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I recently got 5 gallons of 200 proof shipped for $320.

It may not be the cheapest, but it is competitive pricing, and distilled locally in Maine.

Prices on 190

Organic 190 Proof Food Grade Alcohol

55 Gallons @ $57/gal $3,135.00

Bulk 190 Proof Food Grade Alcohol

55 Gallons @ $43/gal $2,365.00

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