Cheapest 190 proof ethanol available and then heptane denature available from providers

What prices are everyone seeing? 600 for 55 gallon 190 proof drum.

Couldn’t remember if that included excise tax.

Looking for 270 gallon tote pricing with tax included. Figured we could all out our prices here and see who’s got the best and make that company a lot of money. And maybe even use collective buying power.

Down with heptane denatured but I like the idea of using clean organic 190 proof food grade

55g of Denatured is $650 + shipping
270g tote is $2400 + shipping

200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol with tax included in price
55g - $2000 + shipping
270g - $9400 + shipping

190 Proof Food Grade including tax
55g - $1920 + shipping
270g - $8400 + shipping

Its kinda cool i can even throw my hat in the ring…i know there are cheaper alcohol suppliers. thats is just the best i can do.


We have probably the best pricing on Ethanol. We work with the largest ethanol provider in the country. Give me a shout if your interested and i will plug anyone in.


taxed its around 1830 for a barrel.

I am getting mine at $500 before tax, but my distributor is counting how many barrels I go thru and dropping price as I accumulate more.

Pharmaco brand, Greenfield Global is the company- she hooked me up with a 5 gal pail of pentane for $260 SHIPPED, they have pharma grade everything and if you’re buying drums they really hook it up.

Just ordered two more… wild. life is wild.

Collective buying power is really hard with ethanol sales because of the nature of law and tax surrounding it.

I think the tote pricing was around $8000

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Local food grade etoh
250/5 gal

Must know the secret knock to get it.

But seriously, you do.

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best values

Dont forget to add that 135.00 fed tax to the purchase price.

ugg them bastards, assumed that was added in price.

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We have ethanol denatured with heptane for $650/55gal barrel and $615 for 4 or more barrels

Excise tax included ? Can we do 270 tote for Cheaper? Unless I find someone at this convention I’ll be using you and my clients will be advised to use you. That’s much cheaper then anyone around and screw using Elliot st summit even tho he said he’d price match

Tarr LLC
Food grade ethanol
$202/5 gallon container. That’s $40/gallon in 5 gallon containers. Pickup available on site.

Fed tax incuded?
Do you ship?

2,900$ USD

Apparently no secret password is needed

thats like $385 more than me. No secret hand shake needed here either.


I’ll be dm’ing you for some kf25 parts for my incoming 2021i.

Do you ship 5gal of food grade?

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BVV wholesale drum price is $365 before shipping and tax

Food grade high end 190 proof?

How much is your nice food grade 190 proof? It’d be in Florida already right?

200 proof, high quality lab grade

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