Cheap hobby cls parts

So for anyone looking to build a small personal cls, ablaze is having a sale.

You could probably get a damn good start on building a decent rig with this stuff, mind you, you’d still need to buy better clamps though.

Those 2 things get you a almost complete cls for under 300.

Or if that window on the one pot scares you like it does me, you can get a different pot:

Anyway, it’s a good place to get started for any open blasters looking to upgrade.


That wouldnt be an upgrade even if i was open blasting.
As a matter of fact i would rather open blast then use this any day hands down.


Why is that?

I fail to see the difference between these pieces of Chinese steel over any other Chinese piece of steel.


Its the size… That small id prefer to open blast tbh.
Thats less then a medium pyrex of butane

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Never even heard of that

I’m thinking they must be going out of biz cause their company name for extractors is A BLAZE.

Reminds me of the of when the new ford “escapes” had a problem flipping over.


I have bought from them. They have horrible customer service, but if you make a youtube video on how to use their equipment they’ll give you what you order for free. Of course you have to ask about about that though. You will need new gasket, clamps, valves, and hoses. I ordered from them 3 years ago prices have been cheap since then

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They do have a 450 gram closed column tube with a dry ice sleeve for $100 right now… you can put in some work with one of those.


The valves on them seem just as ok as a any other knock off swagelok. I bought one of those ‘solvent tanks’ awhile ago because it was so cheap, it held 100psi fine for days.

I replaced the gasket though, it was definitely a cheapie, smelled like cinnamon lol.

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That’s why I specifically mentioned this would be for a hobbyist.

Maybe they’re better valves now. Ones they sent with mine snapped as I tightened my hose on for pressure check

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Oh man, that’s awful! I definitely did not have a similar experience.

Honestly, I was pleased with the purchase when I made it, I wouldn’t recommend using as is without some adjustments, but the sale items are so cheap it makes it worth buying them if some wanted to upgrade from a glass tube.

Getting a system for about 500 bucks all in isn’t a bad price at all nowadays.

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I have an Ablaze solvent tank. It’s a 25lb size I think has dual sight glasses. Not bad at all for the cost. Only downside is the diptube doesn’t touch the bottom.

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I had no idea they even made tanks that big!

Found it

Wow. You really can get fucking anything on amazon.

Lol, they didn’t have it on their site, so I looked there next

That’s the one kinda. The one I got has two sight glasses. I did get it on Amazon, at that time they sight glass and non sight glass were the same price? After I received my order the listing changed and the sight glass version was $20 more. For the price I am very satisfied. And the valves passed pressure test and have been good so far. I did change the gasket.


That was the ford explorer and Firestone tires 20yrs ago

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That has to be the worst name possible for butane extraction equipment I have ever seen. Literally could have named it anything but ABLAZE. It’s like naming a vape cart company VitEVape

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Those gaskets smelled so much like cinnamon no matter what lol.

And I dunno why everyone is so dead set against them. The only thing wrong with that little tank I got was the gasket.

Hell, even the clamp wasn’t the bottom of the barrel thin ones. They have the think bolt stop.

I dunno, rag on it all you want fellas, for someone looking to make their own extracts, it’s a good start.

The clamp with the tiny stops I got from killa, those thick ass ones came with this ghetto ass tank. I’d much prefer the ‘ghetto’ clamps over the ones I got from killa any day.

Not trying to throw shade, but just pointing out the irony…

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More comparisons, the thick clamp was some no name one from ebay, thin one is the same clamp I got from killa.

Again, just pointing out that you can get good equipment from different sources.