"Changing" Color of oil for filling

I work my ass off to get clean, good looking oil for my customers, but there are some that just want darker oil. Similar to Rove oil for example. I want to make some darker batch carts just for these customers. I know its retarded, but shit, customers come first and my competition’s oil is a bit darker.

I know air oxidizes it and turns it darker, so I was just thinking a about leaving it a bit longer on the hot plate spinning, but I don’t wanna burn my oil either.

Any tips are welcome! Thanks!

Just decarb a tiny bit of shatter and stir it in. That’ll do it


+1 for shatter or high heat and stir bar can change effects of disty a bit more tiring and euphoric in my experience

Customer education is a tough job. We shouldn’t let the under/uninformed dictate what we make.

It’s like letting fickle consumer habits dictate trade policy.


Leave jar lid off/loose for a week. Stir up the RROD, that should darken the mix a bit.

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buy some CBD winterized crude. Mix in at about 2-5% depending on how dark you wanna get. You get a rich color, a little bit more flower flavor, and a full spectrum product. I use CO2 cbda that I got from @nostrum. I was gonna use it for tinctures and the taste was a little pungent for people, but it vapes GREAT!


First time I’ve ever read that


add some bho to the mix like @stoopkid said, it will work a treat.
@Kinsmanofthesun method will also work.


this is the color of the oil @Kinsmanofthesun is speaking about

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I live in a country where none of this is legal so access to stuff like shatter is harder. I thought bout leaving it out in the air but I feel like only the top will have the effect and not the bottom of the Jar.

Ans afraid of turning up the heat too much and burn some thc off

How hot and how long?

Customer education. Or co2 subcritical full spectrum cut. Has a color, unrefined.

Start with a bit hotter than you already mix and work it out until you find something that works for you. I don’t have a specific procedure, not something I usually intentionally do.

No access to that here. And customer education works but I have created three different brands, for different markets. So it would be convinient if they look a tad different

At what tempersture does the thc or the good stuff start burning off?

Just turn your stirring hot plate to 80degC and turn the rpm as high as it will allow. It will naturally darken at higher temps with rapid stirring.


which is how you differentiate yourself from them…you do want to be better than the competition right?

how you educate your customer base that neither the cannabinoids nor the terpenes are colored, so darker just means more non-target or damaged (oxidized) is up to you…


You could also perhaps use food colorant such as some chlorophile. Only few 10s of ppm would make it.

I prefer this suggestion in the spirit of mimicry because I suspect it is the physical reason for your competitor’s oil being darker


Won’t that just get the top darker? Or will it work it’s way down the entire jar?