Centrifuge decisions.

Greatings and gratitude for all forum members!!
Its my first topic so be gentle.
Im reading the forum for a little bit now and gain some overall knowledge - surly i will read and read more everyday.

I need help to make a decision about what centrifuge buy for my cold etoh extraction.

As i am just on the start line the budget is limited (not enough for Delta, ACE) also im placed in europe, so law reatrictions are diffrent.
I was think about chinese floodable centrufiges like lanphan, peony.

Im going for <67C cold etoh wash with agitation. Need CE and exproof motors.
Nope for panda also.

What would be your choice?
Not trying to be fed just didnt find an anwser.

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If you had to pick a Chinese one peony seems most reliable and interested in improving their designs from customer feedback

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For a full end to end Centrifuge based extraction, our company Smith Systems ( smith-systems.com ) can get you set up with either 2-4000lbs a day chilled(-40C) Ethanol extractor or a 10-20000lb a day extractor.

Unlike many of the Chinese centrifuges offered, these are fully jacketed and come with a chiller capable of keeping at proper temps. They are also much large sized then the systems like Delta and Ace.

They include efficient high volume solvent recovery in the form of 2-4 Rising Film evaporators for bulk recovery and 1-4 500L Vacuum Concentrators(spherical jacketed reactor with overhead mixer with bottom-scraper blade for agitation, condenser, and vacuum pump) for residual solvent and Decarb.

They are fully approved and certified for use in Europe.

@Future @Future4200 I am not selling CBD here but as you’ve seen, we sell ethanol extractors. Please let me know if I need further verification to offer these units when asked. I’ve avoided openly advertising here for a few reasons but when these questions are raised, I feel it’s appropriate to offer.


To be clear these are in fact Chinese units right? I ask cause the falling film looks just like the one peony sold my friend

We just started using our peony setup and gave been pretty impressed. Usually with these Chinese goods there are many adjustments and replacements to make it functional. This was good to go out of the box. On our first run our ethanol was coming out at -55 Celsius. We were only chilling at -60 in the jacket so we were very happy about that

Let me know if you have any other questions about it. We got the BB-30


Yes, they are chinese, however our units include all UL listed controllers and have been peer- reviewed by PSI.


@Paragon1 what’s your best bet for a chinees fuge ?
@DocsCBD. Asked me and I was a little confused as wich Chinese fuge
In the small scale sector is best
Kingcreate is peony correct ?

I don’t know if kingreat is another name for peony or a reseller of them. Same products though i think.


Like anything, you could likely put it all together for cheaper. It will take much longer and involve more time and knowledge then it’s worth for many.

We offer fully built and inspected systems including every component on a skid ready to produce crude. They are warrantied and include US based servicing

We also offer training on the units included with purchase, we have taken people who have never extracted anything to producing high quality crude the first day

Try BudsHydro here in the states. They may have good deals. Direct from China is s crap shoot. For sure the Lanphan unit is the same as many others. There is also an upscale unit that is literally an exact CUP replica but more $. Hope this helps.

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I’m interested please dm

Is there anybody who runs laphans fuge? First hand info
Trying not to step on a mine with few bucks to spend :wink:
Thanks for help

Lots of complaints around here about Lanphan equipment in general. My 5L roto I got from them works alright, but I’ve had issues with it I had to fix myself that resulted from them just using the cheapest shit they could. The evaporating flask looks like a drunk child blew the glass and I can’t get it above 90rpm without serious vibration issues. So I wouldn’t go with them for a fuge.

I’m torn between a peony BB-50 and a XTC-45 from USA Lab myself. The BB-50 looks like a better machine and it’s a flat bottom basket, but buying from a US supplier definitely has its perks when shit goes wrong, and USA Labs is known for their outstanding customer service around here.

I’ll have to DM @Dabatronicus now that I know he supplies China equipment as well and see where he’s at.

One thing i will say about peony is they’ve definitely put a lot of work into marketing towards the industry and adjusting their products. A client purchased a complete extraction skid from them a year ago. Recently someone else i know got a similarly priced skid and it was superior all around to the previous one. more pumps, better designed centrifuge, more UL parts, way stronger chillers. So they’re clearly making changes all the time to improve.

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Hi dear
So what’s your smallest fuge

Our sales model is similar to Salem labs and USA labs in that we upgrade systems with American or European components where necessary

Just larger scale equipment. As said we include American based installation, training, support and warrantied servicing.

I’m selling my Lanphan 140L still new in the box
Capable of processing 1,500 pounds a day and is jacketed/rated for -60


:smiley:Thanks for this topic!And thanks for the comments about our equipments and service.

We have two models you know,PPTD & BB.We have improvde a lot from design and safety protection,then updated,and make the BB series.
Our BB series smallest model is BB-30,process 30lbs per batch (dry hemp).The biggest model is BB-200,200 lbs per batch (dry hemp).

I know Lanphan have good price,but our cost is here,configuration decide price.And now,we could provide UL listed motor,and UL listed in electrical parts for control panel.

In addition,my manager will attend the exhibition —MJBizCon 2019,(December 11 – 13, 2019
Las Vegas Convention Center 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109),if anyone has doubts about our centrifuge or whole line,we could make an appointment here.


Hey Batch how can I contact u on this

I live very close to buds hydro in Monroe Mi. I can tell you that they get all of their stainless steel, glass and other equipment directly from china. The owner has told me that himself. Whats worse is they act like its not and sell the stuff with very little mark DOWN. Even their so called custom parts are direct ripoffs and sold for the same price as the American made stuff.

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