Centrifuge alcohol

Where can I get a centrifuge to remove alcohol from super cold material?

@highestzen is the biggest one ive seen

@cyclopath has a moderately sized fuge.

And the “pandas” are the best go to for all you ghetto superstars


I was thinking to modify a honey extractor and replace the motor with a c2d1 motor.


I’m looking at modding a washing machine, anyone else done this?

You can go spend a lot of money on a unit that will break down all the time.
I run an ethos extractor.
At -50
I picked up a washer with the stainless tub
And the tub does not thane the pole in the center.
350 bucks I’ve been using it a year nonstop.

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What kinda washer?

Lmfao I just saw the panda demo. … So that would work with spinning out material?


Hand operated :grinning:. Could find a way to spin the crank externally

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Would have to be balanced for high speeds

I have a kenmore
I can’t seem to get a pick in my message or I would gladly shoot y’all one

what kind of washer? picture?

DM me bout the washing machine mods!

wealth of info in this thread- the washer I have is not good for this and I’m scaling up to being a real boy and owning a floodable stainless centrifuge


I’m using a standard Samsung washing machine, no mods needed. Top loaded, 800 rpm .


Do you still need centrifuge?DM for price.

Which model? I’ve found that the 6K series have the most stable interface.

have you bought?

I’m not able to get that info to you atm. I’m out traveling. It doesn’t reclaim as much as I want now that I’ve been using 8-10lbs per run, so there’s the cost of etho you’ll be dealing with. I’ve lost around 1-2 gallons per run using 10 gal.

There’s a hack that you can do to the H bridge motor control DM me