Centrifugal distillation / molecular


Anyone have experience with centrifugal?
Looking to go past WFE volume limits.
I know at least one person working r&d on stainless molecular similar to oil/fuel distillation…
Not too interested in “off the shelf” equipment that’s currently offered “in the industry” aka “its what plants crave”.


Someone was just showing me this video yesterday

It seems like it would be effective for our use but I haven’t heard of anyone using it currently.


400 lbs per hour is :fire:


Spinning cone distillation has a low max vacuum of operation that is a big down side isseu


Temperatures are affected or not great enough molecular separation…surface area tension keeps things packed together??



Myers makes this benchtop sized one…could do some r&d
But someone has to be using these I’ve seen the pharm grade before.
WFE seems idiotic on many levels but for now is the koolaid


“WFE seems idiotic on many levels but for now is the koolaid”

Curious why you say that about WFE?


I have been looking into Meyers centrifuge distillation equipment and i must admit
They do seem Nice
They are more often offered for sale second hand (gota get me one)
And having a diffusion connected makes a lot off capabillaties possible
Guess one should give iT a shot
You know of Any pricing of the units new
As a refrance ?


Been on the phone all day with membrane tech.
I need to reach out to Myers.
Let’s get that rolling…


I’ll get Myers on the phone tomorrow hopefully


What are you talking about “volume limit for wiped film”? Or wiped film being industry specific? Here’s a wiped film basket – do you think you’re making enough oil to keep it busy?



No i don’t need one that big. WFE is awesome and has been great for years, so are stills, rotovaps, FFE. Even stills if you run them properly.

Right now is a fun time and plenty of r&d to keep going. I sure wish I could access the Israeli knowledge banks…

Old man once said, “we will see…”


Is it idiotic and koolaid or is it awesome? I’m just genuinely confused. You’re the 2nd person i’ve heard complaining about volume limits for wiped film, but you can size them for any scale of production you want so I don’t get it.


Well my favorites was one of the “big box” suppliers for extraction — and mind you, this is completely true, saying they don’t promote rotovaps anymore because “no moving parts” etc.

So, went from “weed witch” distillation to rotovaps back to essentially a still, to falling film etc.
molecular distillation with some r&d hopefully will be less shit to deal with than wiped film.
And filtering isn’t quite there yet.
But yes, for now as a first pass, it’s amazing.
I’m not here having an attitude or judgements I really just maybe more wishing I could fast forward.
But hey, someone has to look forward otherwise let’s just all have the identical labs with same same.
I couldn’t get Myers on the phone but damn, 3-400 gallons an hour. Now that gets my dopamine and neurotransmitters firing


Wait are you talking about trying to distill solvent or THC? 400 gal per hour of solvent is very doable. How about nanofiltration?


No, crude to distillate. 400lbs of crude per hour.
Each 100acre hemp farm requires roughly 4000 lbs per day processing

So, 20,000 gallons a month would assumably be the etoh monthly PÓ. 15k gallons plus five on backup estimated 10% solvent loss…per day :man_shrugging: That needs to be verified obviously but there is a 25% margin of error worked in
@Photon_noir made some awesome looking CUPs…Ace-30 spinner etc
FFE is easy to get but if I remember correctly FMC is a long time indutrial producer not some canna startup that’s making 4x profits on cheap equipment because buyers are lazy

Even with filtration as your Ethanol recovery step, centrifuge crude to isolate or distaillate then iso.
Idk anyone that’s moving crude to distillate with WFE right now at that volume but my info is limited and I’m also currently in Hawaii.

There’s still issues like water And terp contamination of solvents that hasn’t been fully addressed operationally I mean it’s a fun time to be involved. Sooner than later everything is mapped out and turn key and no where else to climb. At that point the yeast will probably come in and eliminate a lot of the manufacturing practices who knows.
But those are some of the things I’m thinking and working on right now

Why what would happen if new tech comes to your door, do you really love WFE?
I love my buchi r-250 but I don’t hesitate for a second to do recovery in an FFE because it’s much more efficient for bulk solvent recovery and I’m assuming filtering will be even better but “flow rates” idk :man_shrugging: We will see j guess

I was curious if anyone had used a centrifugal distialltiln process for crude to distillate and what temp ranges were like etc


The KD300 can do something like 300lb/hr distillation. That’s the largest stock unit I know of. Larger WFE than that needs to be custom.


If you’re interested in centrifugation, two words: ALFA LAVAL.

They make disk stack centrifuges at various scales, they also manufacture various other separations-type of equipment. Including FFE extractors.


Couple Oregon friends informed me that “Myers” is a horrible company, rip-offs ?? And apparently it doesn’t work well at all.
That’s all I’ve heard thus far

Anyone else have different experience ?


I have no experience with that company, or that particular type of centrifugal distillation for that matter. I will tell you, however, that compared to other companies in the industry, it seems like they’ve got a really heavy engineering focus…that could be a really positive things in terms of design and quality of construction.

Price wise? Maybe it’s expensive for a reason.

Doesn’t work well? Maybe whoever was using it expected it to work as is with no troubleshooting.

Looks like good quality stuff to me.