Made some cbn-o-acetate

Found some crystals in my flask after i walked in to lab in the am.

Bitchen !


have you tried any?

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Yes i did, very extremely relaxing, i couldent move from my position, felt like a ketamine feel. Sleeping was the deepest iv slept in awhile, woke up a little irritated though.

Just personal experience


Did you use the acetic anhydride reaction to make this?


I’ll take it all!

I sleep for 2 hrs, then wide awake. Even after taking sleeping pills/ meds, nothing works.

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@richpel just like the literature mentions.

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What a surprise.


Sure did.

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Oh yeah? Iv got 30 grams. Hit me.

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Next step is deacetylate the compound

Pure pure cbn.


I’ve been skeptical as to whether or not CBN is an effective sleep aid like all the research mentions. I won’t be sure until I try it myself


Welp, better start testing for science!

Obviously theres plenty of literature, but personal curiosity is what killed my cat.

Yo but where is the proof?

If someone buys this and gets sick from dabbing acetic acid or any other impurity then you are screwed.

Post the MS, COA before and after, and an NMR before selling this to anyone—shoot before even flexing this to anyone.

We need proof that this is actually clean and not contaminated with anything.


If you read my artical, i pulled up in the am to lab, relax wes. Im happily available to provide proof to my circle, most importantly its to show people what can be done.

My hpfc machine will provide a better purification before and followed by coa before reaction and after.

Its a step process .

No it’s not. You should verify what you made before you start telling others you made it.


Sounds like your bitter

Gotta get verified before you can slang anything here.

Send a sample and coa to @Future

I agree with @anon93688, you gotta prove that’s safe and what it is before you can sell it


These pictures are listed on @catholicon handle on IG. But under your name you say your IG handle is the same as your FUTURE handle.

Care to elaborate ? Just want to make sure you aren’t ripping pics off someone else’s feed


Dude he’s right. I’m stoked that you’re stoked. Keeping the community safe is a priority. Backing up your claims is the next priority, especially if you’re trying to sell something.

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I am not trying to sell my cbn-o-acetate, If you look under my tag. All it is for analytical and testing. If you want pure cbn, we provide this now for 53 countries and backed with coa. Thank you for everyone’s concern, im right there with you, i would only want the cleanest medicine, but sometimes you stumble on things you don’t expect.

I am Catholicon.

I havented changed my name because im busy making CBN-O-Acetate lol